Author Spotlight Mr.Darrell A.Cador


Tell me something about yourself?

I'm a husband and father of five who fell in love with the writing craft back in 1999 during the infamous Y2K scare. While companies disposed of their fully-functioning PCs I brought home several to which my wife Jacqueline responded, "I wish we had one back when I was in high school. It would've been perfect for writing those short story homework assignments." That little comment flipped the switch to what is now a passion of mine. I am the author of When Seasons Change and A Good Woman is Hard to Find, and CEO of Family Affair Books.


Tell us something about When Seasons Change

Lorena Daniels, a senior loan officer for a Chicago-based credit union, has just broken up with her live-in boyfriend of four years. Days later, while having lunch with a co-worker at a nearby restaurant, Lorena unknowingly catches the eye of Randall James, their stand-in waiter for the afternoon who doubles as a full-time chef. Another chance encounter finds Lorena and Randall at a local supermarket where their friendship sets sail. They soon embark on a vibrant, fast-paced relationship that harbors more than its share of intriguing ups and downs; one that explores the depths of every emotion and one that, unknowingly to them, parallels the changes in seasons.


When Seasons Change is my first novel that was dedicated to my wife. When Seasons Change was published by Family Affair Books on May 21, 2006. When Seasons Change is available at the following:

- BooksAMillion.com






What inspired you to write A Good Woman is Hard to Find?

We always read and hear about the disparities of the man/woman ratio and how it favors men. I thought it would be interesting to see how men would react to a ratio that actually favors women.


What was your experience in publishing your second book A Good Woman is Hard to Find?

Well, with anything that's done a second time around you apply what you've learned from past mistakes, and prep yourself for those you somehow managed not to make the first time around.  All things considered, with each project there's always something new to learn.


Do you have a specific target audience for your second book A Good Woman is Hard to Find?

Not necessarily.


How did you come up with your title for your second book, A Good Woman is Hard to Find?

I usually play with a few different titles before settling on the one that appeals to me the best.


Tell us something about A Good Woman is Hard to Find

A Good Woman is Hard to Find was published by Family Affair Books in 2007. It has been advertised on various sites. Some of them include:

- blackwritersnetwork.com

- writerscafe.org


A Good Woman is Hard to Find is available at

- Amazon.com




What do you get with four young men, all searching to find their soul mate at the same time? Well, if its four men on the mother of all missions, then definitely expect the unexpected! Following a friendly wager at a nearby fitness center Jordan, Dale, Marcus, and, Tyrus set out on a desperate journey of life, love, and the pursuit of their Ms. Right at a time when men outnumber women 7-to-1!


What is Family Affair Books? What does Family Affair Books do? How long has Family Affair Books been in existence?

Family Affair Books is my publishing company and a business venture that I'm quite proud of. As a self-published author we have to utilize every angle to get our books into the book stores. Although technology and the advent of the world wide web allows one to do practically everything online except give birth (please tell me that hasn't been invented yet) many readers still prefer the book store atmosphere. Family Affair Books provides me, as well as our future authors, the opportunity to approach book store chains almost in the same manner as 'the Big Boys'. I once heard a brother at a book expo say, "It's the publishing company's job to get your books on the shelves. It's your job to get them off." With Family Affair Books we've happily given ourselves the charge to do both. Family Affair Books has been in existence for approximately one year.


Do you have any projects that you are working on?

Too many! But I'm not complaining. At present I'm working on my third novel as well as a few stage play scripts and a screenplay as I'm looking to reach beyond the literary and plant my feet as a playwright, screenwriter, and even test my abilities as a songwriter / lyricist. If it has anything to do with writing Hazel Paris's baby boy is gonna do it!


Where can the readers find more about you and your work or projects?

They can stop by and pay me a visit at www.darrellacador.com and www.authorsden.com/darrellcador


When Seasons Change

ISBN-10 : 1599759357
ISBN-13 : 9781599759357


A Good Woman is Hard to Find

ISBN-10: 1424328942

ISBN-13: 978-1424328949


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