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1) Create a website. There are many sites that gives you an opportunity to create a website. Some of them include Authorsden and Poet Pages.

2) Get your profile listed. Post your profile at different websites that targets your genre. Some of them include Writer Magazine, Author Insider and Author Connection.

3) Subscribe to Listservs. There are many listservs that gives you the opportunity to meet and network with others, and post information about yourself and your work. Some of them include The Black Writers' Guild, Author Zone, The Authors Corner, Poetry 4 Writers, My Books Out, and All Writers.

4) Post Reviews. Post reviews at your website, community forums or listservs. Some of them include Poetry and Book Reviews, African American Book Review, and African American Media Club.

5) Send Press Releases. Press release should be concise and topic should be clear. Press Releases can be sent to various media personalities including WOL, Smooth Jazz 105.9FM, WPFW 89.3FM and WHUR 96.3FM are just to name a few.

6) Create a handy handout. The hand out should include bio, photo of your book, contact information and brief profile.

7) Get Interviewed. Newspapers, TV, Radio Stations, Magazines, and online newsletters including Port of Harlem, The Cheers Magazine, Get Underground and Free Fall are just to name a few.

8) Submit your work.

9) Submit your links. There are a number of places where you can submit your links to. Among them include The Back List, Find Local Authors, and Search Engines are just to name a few.

10) Never give up!

About the Author

 - Afrika Midnight Asha Abney is a Native Washingtonian, freelance poet, freelance writer, former host and events coordinator, author of Dancers In The Wind (a re-released self publication poetry book), Voices of Tomorrow (a re-released self - published poetry publication that is divided into four sections, 9-11, Anthrax, Sniper Shooting and War),and Balanced Heart (a self published poetry book). She also is the author of Momma's Journey (a collection of short poems about motherhood).

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