If you have ever wondered what life would be like if you were born a star, just take a look at the world we live in. You may feel indeed as if you are one.

From the beginning, you were a chemical reaction:  explosive, exciting, and the uncertain result of the miracle of life. Your soul retreats from among the vast endless boundaries of space into expressive sound, upon realization of life itself. Powerful, unheard of, wanted but on your own and sentenced to life on a limb. Yin-Yang, quest! Over passing, breeding hate fed with fear.

If you wonder who you are, the answer rests within you

Life on a limb you asked? Correct! You thought you knew, but you had no idea life was going to be full of questions and sacrifice. What we have here is - failure to communicate! Children abandoned, women crying, young men dying, blood spilled. You were young and innocent as you stepped on the ledge. Brave for a step, invincible upon a second, blinded by pipe dreams in the darkness you borrowed, stepped and retreated for shelter. Who am I and why am I here? These are questions that headline your daily tribune. Yesterday, an infant was left to die, another one was offered a home, and another ones home was turned to ashes. Sometimes you seem so lonely and when you need somebody to hold you,  only the rain seems to care to embrace you as your soul growls. You are hungry and lost of direction. Free falling and your heart is ruptured, because love is no more.

If you should see tomorrow would you see the light from all that is real? Faith is worth the risk to trust yourself and have the will to live. So why are you running away? If I was the one lifting you up! Ask yourself and reach deep inside of your soul for the will to stand and live and find the balance you well deserve and long for. The answer rests in you to build what you will and overcome what you must.

Courtesy of http://www.divhiker.com/  06/14/04