While the British media remains obsessed with continual growth in the new car sales market, there has also been an explosion in the popularity of used vehicles during the last 18 months. Used car sales hit a staggering 7.1 million units in 2012, actually outpacing new vehicle figures by climbing 6.4% and returning to pre-recession levels. In addition to this, the value of used vehicles purchased reached a record high of 38.1 billion last year, in comparison with just $32.3 billion in the new car market.

The Benefits of Purchasing a Used Car
With these statistics in mind, it is worth evaluating the benefits of purchasing a used car in the current economic climate. Consider the following: -

Cost Savings and Financial Flexibility
While the bottom line cost of a vehicle should be your sole consideration as a consumer, it is decisive in terms of whether or not you can afford a specific car. Used vehicles therefore offer a considerable advantage over brand new alternatives because they are easier to cheaper to buy and therefore accessible through a wider range of potential financing options. Not only do some lenders now offer bad car credit on used vehicle purchases, for example, but there may even be instances where you can buy a second hand car privately for a single cash payment.

Improved Quality Control
When e-commerce first entered the consumer conscience, there were genuine concerns about quality control and the risk of procuring sub-standard merchandise. This is no longer the case, however, as the industry has even evolved to the point where consumers are willing to purchase big ticket items online. Websites such as Exchange and Mart have played a significant role in driving the online automotive trade, thanks primarily to its professional layout and stringent quality control measures. As a result of these, you can now access thousands of cars in a single online space and rest assured that they are in excellent working order as advertised.

Time Saving Measures and Increased Efficiency
When you enter the market for a new car, you usually find yourself restricted to specialist dealerships that feature very few models. This can make searching for a new car extremely time consuming, while it also has a negative impact on your daily efficiency and productivity. Purchasing a used car is a far less time intensive exercise, as even offline dealerships tends to feature a diverse range of vehicles and models. By having the opportunity to see a lager selection of vehicles within a shorter period of time, you can execute a quicker purchase and optimise the value that you receive for your money.