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Looking for high quality, but affordable housing?

 article about Looking for high quality, but affordable housing?

Getting a house these days, a house that is both affordable and high quality isn't so easy. You often can choose only one of those options. And whether it's environmentally friendly or not, that's often a totally unrelated issue, who thinks about that anyhow, right? Wrong.

Clayton Homes, a company founded by Jim Clayton back in 1966, can offer you just that. Now one of the largest home builders in the United States, Clayton Homes is offering the hardworking American families the opportunity to buy themselves a high quality, affordable home. Endorsed as a "Good Call" by Si Robertson from the hit A&E series, he too decided to buy a Clayton Home with his wife. The home they will be soon moving into is a new 2,123 sq. ft. Sequoia model that is a brick, triple-section modular home which has three bedrooms, two baths, an open floor plan that features a large kitchen, a foyer and a breakfast bar. And also a Southern wraparound porch.

"I was just amazed at the different designs," said Si Robertson. "Whatever you want, hey, they can make it happen. My wife is ready to move in TODAY."

Clayton Homes are built indoors in a climate-controlled facility and as the CEO of Clayton Homes says, "The total scrap and waste from this home fits in less than two 30 gallon waste containers. This helps us keep our prices down so our customers can focus on family and the things that matter most in life."

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