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The ultimate game playing experience

 article about The ultimate game playing experience
Do you want to play the latest video games but don't think you can afford one of the latest consoles to play them on?

Whether it's a handheld or a home entertainment system you want, the latest games consoles are cutting edge machines that combine amazing interaction levels with super processing speeds to give you the ultimate game playing experience, and there are plenty to choose from.

The Nintendo Wii lets you be part of the game. Swing the controller and you'll be playing golf or tennis or sword fighting either against the computer, family or friends. A chance to let sporty types and non-sporty types of all ages compete against each other on a level playing-field. And don't forget about Wii fit as a way of saving you money on that gym membership.

Or what about the new entertainment experience from X-box? As well as playing great multi-player games such as Call of Duty Black Ops and Halo 4, the X-box lets you download movies and music which you can also control via your smart-phone or tablet. You can also explore the web on your TV or the more adventurous can get fit courtesy of Nike+ Kinect training.

If it's a handheld console you want, there is the Nintendo 3DS which lets you play 3D games without glasses, the Nintendo DSi which combines touch screen control with incredible dual screen action and the larger screened version the D Si XL.

Sony meanwhile have the PSP that features great game playing and superb graphics as well as video and movies, and the Vita which combines amazing interactivity and graphics with 3G or Wifi connectivity as standard.

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