Classic, memorable, breath-taking, unique, important, gratitude; these are just some of the adjectives that one's feel when receiving a sparkling jewelry as a gift. Indeed, there's always something about jewelry that enraptures the senses and leaves a feast on the eyes. Nothing makes a person special than the gift of jewelry. Here are some of the most fascinating jewelry that you can consider giving to your loved ones.

The Best Engagement Gift
Whether you're proposing to the love of your life or just simply renewing your vows, an engagement ring is a symbol of your commitment to each other. In this occasion, jewelry shops like Front Jewelers offers some fascinating pieces that anyone would love to wear.

Why not add a sparkling twist to the classic engagement ring? Instead of simply limiting your engagement ring choice to white sparkles, add color to it by proposing to your love one with a color oriented engagement ring. Some of the popular colored rings offered by jewelry shops like Front Jewelers are in bright canary yellow, electric blue, classic black, magnificent brown, and captivating green. What's more these diamond rings are intricately surrounded by smaller white diamonds that amplifies the color of the diamond ring.

If something extravagant is more up to your palette then opting for a uniquely designed sapphire diamond ring will surely captivate not only your loved one's eyes but feelings as well. Sapphire has a timeless appeal to it, that's why it's one of the most popular designs for engagement and wedding rings. Popular sapphire rings come in colors of electric blue, brazened yellow and refreshing pink. The perfect sapphire engagement ring is intricately surrounded by little diamonds popping out the beauty of the sapphire.

The Earrings Phenomenon
Another gift that surely engulfs the senses of the recipient is the gift of earrings. When it comes to earrings, nothing beats a simple diamond stud. The allure of stud earrings is not its size but the elegant yet simple design of this very elegant jewelry.
Gifting a colored diamond earring is one way of professing your appreciation to your loved one. These little studded elegant earrings are uniquely packaged in vivid canary yellow, magnificent blue, elegant brown and sophisticated black. Some of these uniquely colored earrings are aesthetically combined with 14k black gold and 14k white gold. What's more they come in different shapes and sizes; some are rounded, oval, loops and even squares. There is always a design and shape that suits every palette.

The Men's Jewelry
Jewelry is often associated with women; however, men are also demanding creatures well deserved of a precious gift like a classic jewelry.

Jewelry designers like Front Jewelers offers for sale timeless and elegant pieces of Cuban Link Franco chains and traditional Figaro styles. Some of the manly accessories are cross pendants in blazing yellow diamond surrounded in 10K gold; you also have the 3.60ct baguette diamond cross pendant in 10k white gold.

Rings are manly gifts that will surely be appreciated by your loved one. The manly design of rings includes a .50ct round diamond ring; .55ct round pave diamond ring; a .55ct men's round diamond pinky ring.

With so much to choose from, you'll never run out of things to give your loved ones.