This article belongs to Sweet Grace column.

         Imagine, you are walking on a city road all by yourself.  You see an young  woman coming towards you from the opposite direction and  is very close to you.  Would you look at her somewhat intently or close your eyes until she passes by? Now, be honest. May I take the words out of your mouth?  You would indeed look at her, not only that but also, assess her from several angles and probably chuckle inwardly, "A beautiful thing !"


         If you  disagree with me, you ought to be a hardcore Monk of some kind.


         Now, back to ‘woman watching'. Every man would love to see a pretty damsel well dressed and adorned with some kind of jewellery on her person,  adding some beauty and charm and  walking  straight with poise and dignity. At least in India, we expect to see one with gold jewellery  besides a colourful saree and facial  make up. You can spot the  shining gold things at  all the  visible parts of their body such as neck, wrists, ankle and toes  for the primary reason that  men  should take notice of these gold or silver  material and  appreciate their design, value etc. 


         But, the latest trend  in the West  in women-jewellery seems to be going at a tangent. Some manufacturers there have come out with decorative materials to be worn  at invisible places  not accessible to  normal  human eyes. No.  These pieces are not made of gold but some other metal or ivory stuff. Very surprising, isn't it?. They are tiny rings   implanted on  the tongue;  and  special rings  installed around  the navel. Isn't this a horrifying news?


          Planting them over the tongue and navel area may be a painful job but then women have the power to put up with a lot of  pain. Now, in order that the public take notice of  these  new gadgets,  the concerned woman may have to go about hanging  her  tongue out.  As regards displaying the navel ring, their apparel has to be so modified as to show the region prominently even for a casual viewer.


          These are the current  trends my friend  and who are we to criticize them? But what worries me is: the lady with a tongue-ring would collect a lot of dust and dirt from the roadside. Won't these foreign  stuff make her sick with some disease?  God knows what kind of infection she may acquire.  But then, this is the price she has to pay for  living with the times. She may also have to keep in her hand  some pills to remedy the disease she had  contracted unwittingly. Oh yes, she indeed  would be required to remove the ring during the process of eating  lest she swallows the  darned thing.


           Exposing the navel ring  for public viewing would call for redesign of the feminine apparel  especially if she is fond of wearing long gown or frock.  In this case,  a large circular open area in the lower abdominal region would have to be created in these two varieties  of dresses so that  the navel stands out prominently.. If she is a skirt and blouse wearing model, the problem would be relatively easier. The blouse indeed has to be quite short leaving a large gap of flesh between it and the skirt..


           In this connection, the Indian dress of saree and blouse, looks to be  ideal.  Even now, many women up to the middle age are very fond of showing off  their navel  for general viewing.  They would go out of the way to tie the saree  well below the navel level. This has been the fashion in  India for several years.  Older women, of course, would cover their belly nice and proper.


           I strongly recommend the  saree-blouse combination for the western women who have  opted for the  navel-rings.


          The Ad also talks about ‘nipple rings'. Imagine wearing rings in such a place?    But then we live in a world of individual freedom. How could we stop them? I wonder if any woman would buy this  exclusive  ring.  If she does, how is she going to flash them to the outside world?  I shudder to think of the modus operandi.  Any suggestions? The manufacturers would love to examine  your  ideas.