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          Well, according to the Darwin theory, the human race is supposed to be the descendants of monkeys through the evolution process. In which case, why do monkeys exist even now and  continue to  multiply  as fast as the human beings? Could Mr. Darwin answer it?  No.  He can't.  He is no more.


           I am not a believer of the Darwin theory at all. We are two different kinds, if you ask me.  But there is a lot of commonality between us and the monkeys.  In several respects we resemble them and vice versa.  We know what monkeys are and what their life style is.  But do they know anything about us?  Are we friends or enemies?  They do entertain us in some way.  Ask any youngster.  He/She would love to stop at the roadside and  watch the pranks and clowning of the monkeys  even at the risk of missing school or going late for classes..


          During my latest visit to a zoo, I returned home an enlightened man because I made an entry into their mind and brain and discovered several things.


           It was almost an open and huge cage with a dry tree in the centre.  The occupants were a middle age couple and one baby fellow.  The father monkey conducted education classes to his young son every day around 3 to 4 periods. The mother monkey was  an onlooker but very loving and concerned  like any other human  Mom.  She was very proud of her son too and  marvelled at the high  level IQ he showed from time to time.


           Seeing so many bystanders around the monkey arena, the young fellow asked, "Dad, who are these people?  Why do they come in front of our house every day.?"


           "Well son," the father replied.   "They come here to see us, to  copy us and to learn from us. Study their facial looks  carefully for a while."  With that, the teacher jumped to the next dry branch for a little bit of recuperating. " Feeling refreshed after some five minutes he returned to the class room. "They are very much like us, sonny.  But slightly big in size.  You know, our food  comes to us, whereas these human beings have to go and hunt for their food. It doesn't come free for them  either…"


            The student clapped hands and cried out,  "How great we are, Dad?"


            "When they don't know what to do with themselves, they troop in here, for what, you already know…"


           "I see?  How much superior are we to them, Sir?" the boy asked quite reverentially.


            "Oh, we are far superior to them, my son.  According to the  creation sequence, God made us much before He brought out  Man and Woman on the Earth. Therefore, they need to venerate us every day and that's what they do by coming around our house."


            The sonny boy felt high and mighty  of being a monkey.


            "Another thing," the teacher continued. "God has created them with a very thin and delicate skin;  they can neither bear the heat nor the cold.  As a result they have to cover their skin with different kinds of  clothes  in summer and winter.   But we need no clothing at all.  Our body is well protected and God has given us a body which can put up with any kind of weather. "Incidentally, have you spotted  any physical difference between us, sonny?" the father asked to check on his power of observation.


            The baby son scratched his head and went  through the human anatomy very very minutely. He was a very clever chap.  In no time, he had found out the difference.  "Ah, they have no tail," he yelled out victoriously.


            The mother floated in  cloud 9.  "At a boy," she complimented.  "You are a genius, sonny boy," she praised him.


           "Why don't they have a tail Daddy? " the curious student asked.


           This time, the father found himself stumped. He really didn't know.  But then he couldn't cut a sorry figure in front of his own son. So, he dwelt on one that came to his mind instantly..  "That's what makes us superior to them, boy. We have one additional  part in our body.  All right?"


           The boy agreed somewhat vaguely although he was not fully convinced.  He decided to raise the question again after some days.


           "What sort of food do they eat, Daddy?"  he asked to add to his knowledge.


           "Same like ours, mostly.   They like it hot, while we are acclimatised to  the cold variety."


            The time then was around 5 p.m.  The father closed the education class for the day.  We shall resume where we have left, tomorrow.  OK?  These humans will come again and I will point out  some more differences..  OK?"


           The mother patted the young student and planted a kiss on both his cheeks. "Learn more about them from your Dad, darling.  Dad is a highly knowledgeable  person," Mom apprised him. "Human beings too request him to teach them new things…"


            At this stage Dad asked his wife,  "Dear, isn't it time for dinner?.  Order the zoo butlers to serve our food and fast. OK?"


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