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           A man keeps his hair according to the existing style when young and according to the existing hair when old.  True or not?


           Most men start losing hair when they cross 40. It then picks up speed and results in  various degrees of baldness and shapes when  they are fifty or  over.  This is  the fate of  the male population  the world over. But the men-folk  won't cry over this misfortune and  would adopt a hair  style that best suits the ‘existing hair' on their head.  Any barber would suggest the right hair pattern in this regard.


           What about the feminine gender?  Yes, about 20% of them do  become  bald but not to the same extent as men. Hair is the chief asset for a woman.  This was God's design specification and we are nobody to challenge God's parameters?  A thick stock of hair gives a woman beauty or it adds to her beauty.  If you happen to pass by a lady who is fully bald,  you won't take a second look at her at all even if she has a shapely body and  a lovely face.  In other words, take away the hair and a woman is no more a woman as far as men are concerned !


           While men don't mind sporting a bald head  in public without any embarrassment whatever,  balding women  would take this loss very seriously and in order to hide it, they would go in for a suitable wig to camouflage the barren part. And  varieties of wigs  are available in the market nowadays.


          Women have such sharp eyes, much sharper than eagle's, that they can spot out a wig-based female head from miles. Because of this problem the wigged ladies would avoid attending kitty parties or any kind of  day time get togethers. They wouldn't mind partaking in any evening function.  Even here, the ‘wiggeds' would move around  only in men's circles. Men are such innocents that they can't tell the difference between natural hair and artificial hair.  Some of them  may even compliment the concerned  lady over her excellently  kept hair. But if that lady hears such accolades from another woman, she would go red on the face and take off for  home at lightning speed.


           But the masculines don't  suffer from any  such hang-up's. They would shout from roof tops that they are wearing a wig and might  even ask their friends for some comments on the choice of their wig. 


           Don't think every man would run to a wig shop to pick up one at the drop of

a hair !  Baldness is a sign of maturity and wisdom. One would indeed look dignified with a water-melon kind  of head.  In fact, this would be considered a qualification for some senior posts in many  organizations. So, they would hang on to a coconut head come what may.


          Young men shouldn't  think that a head with full black  shiny hair is your asset. If you are a highly qualified young man with more degrees to your credit than one finds on a thermometer, including a  few  MBA certificates  from some  famous Western Universities, you would want to  aim very high at your first shot itself  such as the post of a Vice President or Managing Director. But then you black and  glistening hair would work against you. The grey heads sitting in the interview board would reflect, "What?  An young chap for a senior job?  No.  No.  The next candidate please…."  


           You are however  sure in your mind at  the age of 27, that you could do a  far better job than many  experienced gentlemen because of  your academic excellence. But your thick  hair would have come on the way. You would be considered a guy ‘lacking in wisdom and maturity'.  So what do you do?


          Adopt the reverse process naturally. Bald is beautiful  and a must for certain types of jobs.  If a wig could make an old head look young, it could make an young man  look old as well, couldn't it? The wig shops also stock white haired wigs.  Senior judges in England  need this stuff.   So, choose one which has a large  helicopter landing ground  in the centre .


           Presto ! You get selected not only for your amazing qualifications but also for your ripeness.  Such is the power of wigs.


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