This article belongs to Sweet Grace column.

            There !  The scientific community of our planet are on their  warning mission once again.. The latest one is for the Lap top users. Their research has revealed that the heat produced by the laptops kept  balanced on your lap,  could increase the risk of infertility in you.


            I personally would like to ask, what would happen to women who also prefer to keep the darned machine in their lap? If their fertility function also wanes, what would happen to the world?  If an invention cuts into the primary role of a woman, we should view it with  total hostility..


           But then, one could also ask, why should they  keep the instrument on the lap? All because someone has named it "Laptop"?  Laptop doesn't mean that it will operate only if kept on the lap !  My learned grandson, a whiz kid  on computers,  tells me that it can function from anywhere including the  roof top.


           However my dear ladies, there is no harm of lending  a little bit of your ears to the   scientists' warning and honour their sentiments by not keeping it on your lap lest you become infertile by some chance.  Keep it anywhere except  on the lap. OK?


           .I should give the same advice for Men also. Why go infertile for nothing.


           Next, we should get hold of that chap who gave the name "Lap top" and order him to modify the title.  Couldn't have named it  as,  "mini computer or portable computer or handy computer" or some such verbiage?


           We have already been informed by the  Scientific Community,( hereafter called SC) that smoking is injurious to health because it may cause cancer.  Now according to the SC's latest findings, ‘smoking' is likely to make men bald also.


           Nature has said it without saying it loudly   that 90% of the male species start balding after the age of 35 or thereabout. If you don't believe me, take a sample survey? What? You don't know what a  ‘sample survey is' ?  Tch, tch. You must learn all these jargons like a school boy mugs up the multiplication tables. I am aware that availability of calculators has made ‘multiplication table learning' totally unnecessary. Further, many schools also encourage their students to carry a calculator in their school bag.  The other day I asked an youngster who looked to be around 12 years, what will the product of 13 and 3. The youngster put his hand in his pocket, looked here and there and said, " Sorry Sir, I have left my calculator at home.."


          I think we have digressed too much.  Now back to ‘balding'.


          According to the SC, smoking may damage the genetic structure, the tiny stuff responsible for hair growth and as a result they would lose their head-hair pretty fast. The person who says this is one Dr.Lin Hui Su, from Taipei.  He and his fellow researchers  analysed the effect of smoking on some 700 Taiwanese men  at random (Those who do not know what a sample survey is, to please  note how to do it ! ) The heaviest smokers, (i.e those who smoke 20 or more cigarettes a day) suffered a heavier hair loss than the light smokers.    


          Do recall that they have already conveyed that smoking causes cancer.  Cancer has now become an ordinary disease and not a monster any more. The caution then was  that a smoker stood a greater chance of contracting cancer than others.  We all know by common knowledge that Cancer can grab any customer.  If you haven't been picked  by it so far, thank God for it and keep thanking  Him.  But if you are a smoker do remember that you can lose your hair and become bald over and above  the possibility of keeping company with cancer.


            The world is becoming a dangerous place to live in.  Several notifications  say, "Don't do this, don‘t do that, don‘t eat that and now, ‘don't keep your lap top on your lap and  don‘t smoke unless you want to become bald' and so on.


            The other day, a Samaritan like  man tapped me and said, "Walk carefully, Sir. Traffic is heavy these days and many drivers are rash fellows….".


            Skipping a few lines I asked him, "Is walking on the road dangerous?"


            "Yes, it is" he responded, "Particularly for old people like you !"




                                                                 Israel Jayakaran [Sweet grace]