We are now allowed to join together consciously and experience giving thanks. Before this special day, we were being conditioned to meet worldly requirements that mainly generated stress. If this holiday season do not teach us anything else, we should be able to see how we are being controlled by the world.

Now, we can attempt to relax and allow our minds to think about something other than going after something or someone. Finally, we can step out of the web of materialism and enter into our hearts and experience a God-given human emotion and thought---thankfulness. Sure we would say we are thankful each day of our lives. This may be true but it is not a collective conscious choice. We had to be ordered by what is called a holiday to shift our gears of pressing towards meeting worldly requirements.

Thanksgiving is giving us a chance to choose another temporary direction. We can be human for a while even if it means arguing with our family members. I am just so thankful that I can see,hear,smell, taste and talk. That is priceless. It is even more priceless to see spiritually because it saves us from total captivity of the material world.

Thankfulness means we are seeing beyond our sufferings and we know our experiences in life could be worse. For this moment, we can exhale and know we are survivors in a world that seeks to destroy our spirits daily. This Thanksgiving, be thankful you have a choice to face life stronger and more loving. Let it be the memory you embrace and not give up to meet worldly requirements of acceptance.

Don't ever be the same. Allow your self to be a human being capable of loving your fellowman. Be conscious when this state of being is threatened by external reasonings outside of your existence. Know that love bonds, heals, builds and strengthens us to be a wonderful and beautiful presence in this world. Be a minority. Don't be like the majority lost in a world of lovelessness. Join the few that brings gentleness to a cold world of dictatorship.

Enjoy this day knowing your life is a gift that the world did not give you. God bless and stay strong.