This article belongs to Sweet Grace column.

         If you are an unmarried young woman from India, read this article because it is meant primarily for you.  

         Cheer up, my girl. Something good is going to happen to you.  You don't have to consider yourself a castaway any more.  More  so in your own country. I know, you were laughed at right from your primary school days.  Someone even dared call you "the ugly duckling".When you advanced to higher classes and entered college,  men-students didn't  ever pass a glance at your face. While many men ran after some nice looking ladies, no one would even come as near as 10 feet from you.  Here again, you were discarded as one not worth patronizing;  much less for a casual cup of tea in the college canteen.  


        Every day, in your private room at home, you cried your heart out saying to God, "God why did you give me a face such as this.  Men say, I am awful looking.  Couldn't you have given me a better face if not a very shiny magnetic type?:"


        At that time you would have thought that God hadn't heard your prayer at all.  And you were advancing in age and going beyond the official  ‘dating' age.


        Don't give up  hope sweet.  God has answered your prayers.  Shortly or quite shortly you are going to be in great demand.  All these days  it's you who had been running after Men.  And from now onwards  Men would be running after you. Surprised?  Now read on.     


        It had now been officially announced that according to a recent survey, there are only 1000 women for every 1200 men on All India basis. In some Indian States the ratio is 722 women for every 1000 men. This means, that 200-300 men out of every 1000, would not find brides.  This figure has come about because every couple had been opting for sons and the moment they came to know that the baby in your wife's womb was a girl species, they went an aborted the poor thing.   The balance had been thus been lost.


       What's the result?  The Girls are less in number. If a Man wants to get married, he has to accept any girl who comes by.  He cannot be choosy any more. Any Girl would be in demand in the marriage market, so long as she is healthy and has a reasonable physique.  The looks doesn't matter at all.  You may have a pumpkin face or weathered countenance.  Doesn't matter at all. "Are you young with a proportionate body?"  That's all Men would be looking for in course of time.


       A time would come that for every three adult men, there would be only two marriageable women  What would happen then?  Women would become greedy and accept to take you as the ‘second husband" or even as ‘third husband"?  Why not? If  in Muslim countries, a Man is allowed to have up to 4 wives, why  couldn't a woman    have  more than one husband in India? Especially when men outnumber women in any part of the country? The Govt may even pass a law that any woman could have up to 3 husbands. [ Four is one too many, don't you think?]


         I know she would have  a hard time in bed if she has three H's.  But it can't be helped.  She has to bear the brunt.


        If a woman has two or three husbands, her own standard and style of living would double and treble  up because all the husbands would have to handover their earnings to the wife, who would be the house manager.  Double/treble  income, indeed. 


       Men would be compelled too to accept this situation. What is more, he would  try to be a  man of great income;  ordinary income variety would be  rejected wholesale by the prospective bride.  Mind  you, this is for your second or third position.  To be the first husband, you have to be an extraordinary man with five or six figure salary.


        And in such homes it would be the wife who will have the last word.  She would, in fact, be the dictator. If the female foeticide  continues, woman could even think of divorcing one of the husbands and take another in his place.


         So, my dear ugly duckling, take cheer.  You are going to be the decision maker in the future days in India and you would be the most sought after person.


         And  here is a piece of advice for the pregnant women.  If the scan tells you that you are bearing a female child, thank God and preserve it.  It's your real lucky charm.  You don't even have to spend much money on its education etc.


          Dowry? There would be no question of any man ever asking for a dowry from the parents of a woman. But if you happen to carry a male child….?  May God help you and be ready to spend millions on his education and job.




                                                    Israel Jayakaran [Sweet grace]