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Memorial Truck: A Tribute to 9/11

 article about Memorial Truck: A Tribute to 9/11
John and Amy Holmgren from Shafer, Minnesota took it upon themselves to invest their hard earned money and build a mobile memorial to pay tribute to the lives that were lost during that horrible day, September 11, 2001.  Their efforts will not go unnoticed.  You see, John and Amy Holmgren attained the artistic services for the memorial from Applied Graphics in Fargo, North Dakota. Together, with the talented hand painting work by Paul Kosenski, brought to life The Rolling 9/11 Memorial.  This popular masterpiece demonstrates soulful patriotism featuring all the names of the people that were killed in 9/11, including the flights they were on.



 The concept was funded by John and Amy Holmgren.  As John stated, It will be awhile before we finish paying the loan off that we had to take out to do it, but we thought this was the least we could do.

John and Amy Holmgren travel across country delivering frozen loads of Gilroy Foods and were acknowledged during one of their stops at a truck stop.  They have also been stopped several times by the local police to have pictures taken with the truck.


The country singer Darryl Worley also joins them to pay tribute with his song Have You Forgotten; in the song, Worley mentions meeting the Holmgrens.  John & Amy Holmgren plan to attend the Mid America Truck show in Louisville, K.Y. in March.


If you are out there on the roads and happen to see our patriot friends, let them know that we remember, and thank them for their efforts.  I would like to thank Kathy Kariotakis, Maurice and Sara Huth for sharing this story with us.


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