I find it amazing how we put our trust in sources that do not have our best interest at heart.  I was shopping today to buy whole chickens.  The package I picked up read:  "All natural no hormones added."  Am I to understand all the other chickens in the store have hormones added?   I looked around the store and realized we have organic and all the other foods in the store.  My thought was:  If I am not in the organic section then what do I stand to eat in purchasing elsewhere in the store?  Man-made disturbances of nature I presumed.

Obviously, this is a sure indication we are in deep trouble.  We are  eating foods tampered by mankind to increase productivity.  This has a tremendous price.  Our land, air and plants are being altered by chemicals we made.  I cannot believe someone did not see this coming.  There are just too many educated people in the world to not see this coming.  We are getting too far from nature leaving us to eventually self-destruct.

We are getting continuous recalls on foods we are to trust for our well-being.  What is really happening here?  Are we moving too fast for our own good?  Not only are we dying to eat, we eating to die.  It appears we should have never grew up and left our own farms.  Less physical labor and unhealthy food is a direct result of allowing modern technology to speed us alone.  Families were closer to one another then as well and there was not much room for foolishness.  A hard day of work kept the mind and body strong.  Now, we have more and more sluggish minds and bodies as we face the world less productive in our human potential.

The truth is we do not half of time know what we are eating or drinking.  We have been forced into the game of Russian roulette each time we bite or drink anything.  Who really cares about it?  Are they the same people who knew all along but would rather control our intake than to keep us healthy?

God created this world for us to go forth and multiply and tend to the land.  In mankind's attempt to be greater than God, he destroyed what God has given us.  We have literally made an environment guaranteed to keep us controlled by those determining our food intake.  Our survival is not a priority.  Gaining control over our lives is more important to our decision makers.  We are so far out there with modern technology that we don't know how to stop and begin again. 

Eating is such risky business.  I strongly suggest you pray and meditate over everything that goes in your mouth.  This is the only power you will have over your food and drinks.  When I was growing up there was a commercial saying:  "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature."  They were only talking about butter then and Mother Nature struck lightning.  What we will suffer for destroying nature is becoming less human and more chemically beings that are losing touch with our original beginnings. 

Already, many people are sicklier, less caring, unhappy, tired, becoming larger even at birth, savage in nature, frightened and hopeless, etc.  Some people do not attribute this to foreign chemicals made by man but I do and that is just one of the destructive means of destroying nature we have made.  For sure, in the end we will know; it is not nice to fool with Mother Nature!