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The sea-side magic

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When Shakespeare wrote that  "The world loves a lover", he must have had in mind a typical beach side panorama.  I am not talking about the vast ocean outline you watch standing at the shore but at the people who throng the grand beach every evening. 


We have in Chennai, India, one of the finest  and largest beaches of the world on the coast of Bay of Bengal..  The open sea shore is so huge  that it could accommodate easily a million people on a rough estimate yet leaving sufficient elbow room for one to rotate the  body or rest it. Thousands of Chennaites  flock here  around the Sun set time for a  bit of relaxation, to enjoy the cool sea breeze and very importantly, to watch the thousands of others who have come there for the same purpose.


This rendezvous is meant for men and women of all age groups.  Possibly the shore is more appealing to the younger generation than the older ones. Thousands of  young lovers would be seen here daily comfortably seated on the sand nudging each other.  You  could stand at a distance or go  even closer and see them or listen to their sweet-nothings.  They wouldn't mind it at all.  In fact,  they would be totally oblivious to your eavesdropping.


When you see even older couples,  walking hand in hand and talking away to glory or gazing at the blue waters, your own spirit will soar up,  not only because of the  touch of  the southern  breeze  but also by the grand  spectacle of the  jubilant faces.  The evening would be  thick with the fragrance of affections and  love songs .  The delightful partners, both old and young,  would transmit some kind of love-waves and music  at different wavelengths  on the bystanders.


All of them may not be on the move holding hands but  most  would be sitting on the fine grains of sand, cross legged or fully  stretched out.  And  don't be surprised if you see a lover boy keeping his head on his lady love's lap.


Whatever their posture, a visitor  is bound to spot out hundreds and hundreds of love-birds, relish their looks of bliss and in a way share their happiness as well; why become a part of them too.  The very picture will conquer your heart and mind completely


If ever you feel terribly depressed yourself, all you have to do is to walk  around the Marina beach of Chennai for a while. Your world of sorrow will shrink and you would return home a new person with a discovery that life after all is still worth living.


If you had had a tiff with your wife and are on non-talking terms with her temporarily, make a bee line to the beach line, select a crowded area  and sit there and tune up your ears.  After you hear the soft purls of the salty water  and experience the joy of giggles  of human beings in the atmosphere, you would at once feel like holding your other half and cry out, "Sorry, my pet.  I missed your sweet voice for so many hours…?"  The tight control you may have been keeping over yourself would suddenly evaporate and all barriers between you and your wife would crumble to pieces.  Then you would  go back  to your own love-nest a reformed husband with no remembrance of the past few hours and make immediate peace with your lady-love.


Such is the magical effect of the sea-side scenery. Wouldn't you like to get a first hand experience of this magic?  Come on then, what are you waiting for?  The crimson western sky is beckoning you and the Sun is just about ready to dive into the waters and disappear.  Hurry!


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