A lot of the world
population undergoes it. No one is spared. Right from Gauri Khan, SRK's
wife, to the local professor's wife. Some by choice, others willingly.
Even you and I, mostly unwillingly, undergo it. Maybe at the bus stop,
in public places or worse - with your friends and co-workers.


Smoking is bad, but
passive smoking is worse than smoking. A passive smoker is at 90% more
risk of suffering from various smoke related ailments than an active
smoker. The Oxford Dictionary defines passive smoking as breathing in
smoke from other people's cigarettes, cigars or pipe. Thus, one can see
that a passive smoker, though indirectly, inhales a lot of smoke as
compared to a smoker who eventually blows it out.

Smoking is nothing
but inhaling in tobacco smoke. And tobacco smoke has been found to
contain around 50 or more compounds that are carcinogenic (cancer
causing). These compounds include arsenic, DDT, cadmiuim, lead, nickel,
etc. Apart from these it also contains 6 developmental or reproductive
toxicants that include HCN (hydrogen cyanide).

These carcinogens and toxicants are very harmful to the human body as they directly affect the system.

According to the
American Cancer Society, in 2005 alone 3000 non-smoking adults died
from lung cancer, another 46,000 from coronary heart diseases. Apart
from this about 430 newborns died due to sudden infant death syndrome
(SID). All the above ailments viz. lung cancer, coronary heart diseases
and SID syndrome are directly related to passive smoking.

This is not the case only in India but around the world. Though, in India,
the case is exaggerated because of the easy access to cigarettes and no
control over smoking in public places. Moreover, the cigarettes hold a
'Statutory Warning' stating that cigarette smoking is injurious to
health, but this mostly goes unheeded. Also, there is a ban to sell
tobacco and tobacco based products to children below 18 years of age,
but then this too is rejected by local vendors who sell it to anyone
and everyone. Thus, for every individual smoking around, the chances of
inhaling second hand smoke is exaggerated over 5 times.

There is a common
myth that second hand smoking can be controlled by ventilation. But the
fact remains that it can't be. The only alternative is to stay away
from it. As it is said play it safe, avoid your loved ones from
smoking. This ensures yours as well as their safety and good health.