have this drive that doesn't want to look back later in life and regret
that I didn't take advantage of the opportunities that came my way. As a result
I have lived overseas, learned to scuba dive, studied karate, been a radio
host, learned foreign languages, and numerous other exciting things.

many people don't have this perspective. They live one day to the next, never
pursuing their dreams. Sadly, some are already past the time in life where it
is possible for them to go after their dreams.

this principle is certainly important for individuals as they live life, but it
is equally important for organizations. The fact is, the world is changing -
and changing rapidly. Technology is changing, people's attitudes are changing.
As a result, organizations are put in a position of either changing with it or
going out of business.

is not an assault on current practice, but it is a wake up call. The only
problem is, change is difficult. Logistically and financially, change can
create all kinds of hardships for us. But hardship should never be an excuse
for inaction. I often tell people, "What you don't know how to do is hard. Once
you know how to do it, it is no longer hard."

do have to be careful that we don't attempt things that put ourselves or other
people in life-threatening situations. But we should also never run away from
opportunities just because we perceive them as difficult. We should never put
ourselves in a position to look back on our lives and say, "I wish I had ..."

ahead and decide what you would like to make out of your life. Then, spare no
effort to learn what is necessary to make it a reality. You deserve it.