Years ago, when
I was in high school, I played running back on the football team. I was an OK
player - not great, but maybe a little better than average. I remember, though,
that we did have one guy on the team who was very talented. He could run faster
and generally play better than I could. His talent level was well above mine.
But, when it really counted I usually outplayed him. That didn't happen because
I was a better player, but because I worked harder. He just wouldn't put out
the effort to reach his full potential. I always thought it was a waste. He
could have been really great.

There are a lot of "could have beens" out
there, not just in sports but in every area of life. In addition to those with
great athletic ability who won't work hard, there are people with great
intelligence who won't study, those with a great business sense who are too
lazy to work, and talented people in every organization who simply don't want
to put out the effort to be great. On the other side there are a lot of just "average
folks" who have become hugely successful simply because they were willing to
put out the hard work necessary to make it happen.

The Gallup organization has recently
published a new book that gives some startling statistics. They say that 50-60%
of people are not doing their best work and up to 80% are achieving less and
feeling less enthusiastic about their work than they could be. Further, they
say that if all of an organization's employees were to put out one hundred
percent effort, customers would be seventy percent more loyal and profits would
increase by as much as forty percent. This is not just a matter of employing
only the most talented workers, it is a matter of getting all of your people
working to their highest level.

So, what would it take to get people in
your organization firing on all cylinders? To be sure, it is not simply a
matter of better education and training. It requires helping them to see their
own potential AND showing them how to get there.

Dr. Freddy Davis
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