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Journalism As A Career Option

 article about Journalism As A Career Option

"Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind."

If you find these lines of Rudyard Kipling applicable to you,
then I guess the journalist within you is waiting. Words and time are
the weapons of a journalist. It is only when he makes the right use of
his words and also strikes the blow at the right time and the right
place that he creates an impact in the minds of the masses.

Journalism, in simple terms, could be referred to as a field in
which an individual collects, analyzes, verifies and presents
information to an audience or general public.. The information may be
current affairs, sports, political, economics or other topics.

Individuals in the field of journalism are termed journalists. These
journalists can be found in any source of media. And as we know today,
the media is not only confined to newspaper, television or radio but
also magazines and the Internet.

Today when someone talks of journalism as a career, it is regarded
as a low income and a less glamorous compared to advertising or films.
Journalism, however, has emerged as a very demanding and respectful
profession. With the advent of so many news channels and newspapers, it
sure is flourishing.

So, what does it take to be a journalist or rather what qualities must you possess to enter into this world?

To start with, do you tend to analyze the news in the newspaper or
you are comfortable and satisfied with the news provided? Next, are you
more concerned with the facts and figures than the basic news content?
Are you punctual in everything you do and are you aware of all the
things happening in and around the world? If your answer to the above
questions is "Yes," then Journalism surely is a career waiting for you.

There are often some misconceptions regarding journalism which need
to be clarified. Journalism is not only concerned with writing. It is
far beyond that. You not only write the news but also collect, verify
and edit it before presenting it to the audience. At times, students
even have a misconception that to be an eminent journalist you must
have a good command over the English language. This is no doubt true,
but times have changed now. And considering India,
which has 18 official languages and over 900 dialects, there are so
many options available, as far as language is concerned, to a
journalist today.

Apart from this, one must also learn to spell words correctly, have
a good hold over punctuation and finally have great ability to form
simple sentences. An individual must be careful while writing or even
reporting anything, simply because the sentiments of the audience
shouldn't get hurt. A journalist must be mentally and physically strong
enough to handle serious and tensed situations like while covering a
war or a riot. The individual must be realistic and have high amounts
of patience. Journalists need to have a broad education, good general
knowledge and a good style of writing and should have keen observation
skills and an interest in current affairs.

If one has the audacity, tenacity and the courage to handle all of
these with the right balance, the right frame of mind, objectivity and
lastly courage, then surely journalism is a field waiting for you.

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