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Bali is perhaps one of the world's best known tourism destinations and while I have no great love for Bali as a resort destination, I do admire Balinese culture and some of the scenery in the more outlying areas.

Bali is visited by people from all over the world but mostly by Australians who regard it as one of Indonesia's main tourism destinations.

The local Balinese are a very generous, friendly and a tolerant bunch, tolerating perhaps more than what one would normally tolerate when visitors, with their often rowdy and drunken behaviour, make a mess of things and themselves.

I am of the opinion that, if one goes to Bali to take in the sights and the culture, a visit can, and highly likely will be, a most rewarding experience. Those just wanting to get drunk and generally making arses of themselves should perhaps do so at home.

Facilities in Bali range from the most basic to the most luxurious and in overall terms, they are good and good value for money.

Surrounding islands are also well worth looking at.

Motorbikes and scooters can be hired for local touring and to me, that is the way to get around the place.

Many airlines fly into Bali. It is best to avoid airlines with dubious reputations of which there are a few so, do your research before you travel.

Following the various terrorist attacks on foreigners on Bali and Indonesia in general, a number of countries still have travel warnings outstanding in relation to Bali. In my view, these warnings are valid and should be taken into serious consideration. As Indonesia has severe penalties for drug trafficking and other major crimes, don't bring anything into Bali that should not be brought in and and don't take anything out of Bali that should not be taken out.

For the right purposes, Bali is worth a visit.

Respect the culture and enjoy observing it and participate in it when invited.
Enjoy the scenery, some of the scenery is stunning.
For those just going to Bali to do what they are not allowed to do at home meaning, getting pissed and making an arse of themselves, don't bother going to Bali. Stay home instead.
Read the travel warnings provided by your Government.
In total, avoid the bars and go and enjoy the culture and scenery instead.

60 out of 100