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Burma, or Myanmar as it is called these days, is one of the largest South East Asian countries within that region.

Its population is about 33 million of various different ethnic groups.
At this point in time, Burma is a member of ASEAN (Association of South-East-Asian-Nations).

Some of the main tourist attractions within Burma are its temples and jungles and under normal circumstances, Burma would have been well worth visiting.

Sadly however, circumstances are not normal in Burma as, unlike the other ASEAN members, Burma is ruled by a brutal, almost farcical military regime.

The Burmese military has been responsible for the deaths of thousands and the regime has had no hesitation murdering its opponents over the the years. Members of legitimate political entities are either under house arrest, in jail or have been murdered.

In tourism terms, I strongly recommend avoiding Burma until such time that normal democratic rule has returned to the country in other words, Burma is definitely not the place to have a holiday.

As Burma has had sanctions imposed upon it, business travel to Burma is also not recommended.

Avoid at all cost.

I am not even going to rate the place at this point in time.

Henk Luf.