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Travelwise - An Overview

 article about Travelwise - An Overview

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Travelwise was designed to provide prospective travellers with information that neither travel agents and/or representatives of the tourist and travel authorities of the various countries are interested in giving you.

I shall give an example.

When a particular country is or ventures into a period of dictatorship the so-called rulers of these countries, more often than not, will depend on the tourist trade for their survival and special travel and accommodation deals will subsequently be offered as to entice people into such countries. Governments often look the other way while their citizens travel to such places and travel advisers will enthusiastically promote their various cheap travel deals.

Another example.

Some countries have an appalling human rights record while at the same time promoting tourism and travel packages into their countries.

In those cases, Travelwise will look at the tourist packages offered while at the same time looking the ethics of visiting those countries for both business and general tourist purposes.

Travelwise will also expose unsafe airlines as well as tourism and travel operators that fail to look after the interest of their customer.

A 1 to 100 rating system will apply with 1 being absolutely terrible and not worth considering while 100 would be excellent value for money and well worth considering.

Henk Luf

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