In the immediate term, there are number of things that must now happen.
Israel and Hamas must adhere to a total ceasefire as demanded by the UN Security Council and the EU.

There are a number of conclusions that can be drawn from the Israeli actions in Gaza as well as the recent Israeli proposals towards the US Bush Administration in relation of a planned Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear facilities, a proposal that was rejected by the then US administration due to the fact that Israeli practice flights for the mission had been monitored and photographed off Cyprus and then made publicly known causing the Bush administration a large embarrassment.

And the pictures looked great too.

One conclusion is that Israel will stop at nothing in order to get its way in terms obtaining any advantage over its neighbours and Israeli tactics have now proven to have included indiscriminate bombings, the use of internationally banned weapons as well as the deliberate targeting of civilians.

Israel can also be accused of, since 2007, deliberately and illegally denying the Gaza population vital and necessary supplies including food, medicines as well such basic needs such as electricity. In order words, Israel can rightfully and legitimately be regarded as a rogue state and, in international terms, it should be regarded as such with all the consequences that go with such a classification.

In the immediate term, there are number of things that must now happen.
Israel and Hamas must adhere to a total ceasefire as demanded by the UN Security Council and the EU.

The border crossings between Gaza and Egypt must be opened up as to allow unhindered crossing of supplies, such crossings being monitored by EU observers.
The blockade of Gaza that has been in place since 2007 must be lifted, totally.
Those Israelis responsible for attacking civilian targets and using illegal weapons within Gaza must be charged with war crimes.

Israel has had the names of those responsible held under wraps with a media ban in place as to the mentioning of the names of those responsible. The problem for the Israelis is that the names, ranks and serial numbers of those responsible are known, including by this journalist, and they will be handed over to any international judicial authority that must and will prosecute Israeli war crimes.

As a rogue state, Israel will no longer be entitled to be supplied with offensive weapons and a ban of such supplies to Israel must be initiated.

Any grants to Israel in terms of foreign aid as well as funds flowing into Israel through donations must be civilian-specific as well as project-specific.

In terms of supplies and foreign aid the same rules as those that would apply to Israel must apply to Hamas in terms of funds and supplies flowing into Gaza. Gaza needs building materials, medicines and other such supplies.
It does not need offensive weapons such as rockets and missiles.

As I have stated on a number of occasions, there are possibilities open in terms of obtaining a lasting peace but I have come to the conclusion that neither side wants a lasting peace.

This being the case and given Israel's recent conduct, Israel must now do a number of things if it wishes to remain viable as an independent and prosperous state.

Israel must comply with all aspects if international law provisions and comply with all current UN resolutions.

Israel must withdraw behind its 1967 lines and hand over all stolen property and real-estate including the Golan Heights, all of the West Bank and the territory stolen from Lebanon. Any settlements that have been constructed on occupied and stolen lands must either be handed over or demolished.

Israel must account and disclose to the IAEA, all nuclear and chemical weapons that it holds including their delivery systems. It must also disclose details of all nuclear research projects that are currently being undertaken and Israel must be warned that the details of those projects are known as is the quantity of nuclear weapons that it has.

Israel must no longer be supplied with offensive weapons and offensive weapons technology.

Jerusalem must become an international, and demilitarised city with UN or EU observers ensuring that the religious rights of all are respected and able to be conducted without interference. Israel must not hinder the return of Palestinian refugees to the West Bank and Gaza.

In terms of the Palestinians the road ahead is clearly available should they wish to take it.
It would involve recognising the right of Israel to exist with its pre-1967 perimeters and the cessation of all hostile action towards Israel. The Palestinians' may not wish to recognise Israel diplomatically in terms of establishing diplomatic relations but they must recognise that Israel exists.

Both the West Bank and Gaza must have free and democratic elections, the results of those elections being binding on all parties, including the international community. Such elections would have to be monitored by international and EU observers.

In short, there are opportunities to be had in terms of obtaining a lasting peace within the region but to get to that point, the rogue state of Israel and its adventurous and corrupt leaders must be reigned in while on the other hand the Palestinians must find better things to do with their time and money than to lob missiles onto the other side of the border.

There you have it and as I said before - Take it or leave it.