People say that a smile is the prettiest thing you can wear, and they could not be more right. Having a beautiful smile can be life changing. Not only having a nice smile is pleasant to look at and will help you causing a nice impression on others, but it will also help you gain confidence in yourself. With the help of the best professionals, having a beautiful smile is now easier than ever.

Trusting only the best professionals in the sector

Having a nice smile is not only important because of aesthetic reasons, but also because of our health. Our health should always be our top priority, and this can be jeopardized if we do not take proper care of our mouth. An unhealthy mouth can result in a long list of problems, like bad breath, infected gums, cavities, etc. Because of this, it is important to visit our dentist on a regular basis. Experts recommend that we find a dental clinic Marbella we trust and visit it at least once every 6 months.

Among the most common procedures we can subject ourselves during our visit to the dentist, we can find the following ones:

Dental implants
Missing teeth can be bothersome. During our life we can end up losing teeth for multiple reasons: taking poor care of our oral hygiene, illness, a strong blow in the mouth area, etc.

Dental implants would help us replacing our missing teeth, feeling just like our own. Dental implants are made of titanium and they work as the root of the tooth to hold a future crown. If you are missing multiple teeth, you can get them replaced at the same time instead of one by one by using a “bridge” that will hold few implants.

Ceramic veneers
Ceramic veneers are a service in high demand since they do not require any previous treatment or preparation of the teeth. They are a very comfortable method and it can be used to treat stained teeth, openings between individual dentures, irregular forms, etc.

Invisalign orthodontic
Orthodontics have been traditionally used in order to fix problems with the alignment of the teeth. These problems used to be resolved by the use of bracers, but there is a more modern method available now: invisalign. Invisalign have the same functions than traditional brakes, but they are transparent, which are a big aesthetic improvement. You only need to wear them 22 hours per day, being removed during meals for a higher hygiene level.

Periodontal treatments
When we think about a beautiful smile, we tend to always think about our teeth. But gums are a key part regarding our mouth health. With the right treatments we will be able to treat the most common gum diseases, from gingivitis to periodontitis or gum regression.

Endodontic treatments
Sometimes our teeth are really sensitive to cold or hot foods or beverages. This can be caused by a nerve being too close or in contact with a cavity. Endodontic treatments look to identify the root of our problem and solve it preventing the decay of the dental pulp. It often involves the removal of the nerve, replacing it with a filling material.

Other services that dentist often offer that can be beneficial for your health include digital smile designs, microsurgeries, conscious sedations, gummy smiles, etc.

Whitening our teeth

The health of our mouth is very important, but so is its appearance. One of the better ways to make our smile look even more stunning is by the means of a whitening process. Marbella teeth whitening would help us achieve of dream white smile. Although traditional whitening services used to make our teeth more sensitive, this can be now avoided with services like Glo Nozzle. This sort of method uses a special peroxide that generates oxygen and is activated with light, removing the stains our teeth could have without damaging the enamel.