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Is Anger Killing America?

 article about Anger Needs Your Body
If you're mad about something and you're not going to take it anymore, you're feeling anger, a strong emotion you experience when you think someone has done you wrong. If you want to scream and kick, you're feeling anger.

Anger is a powerful emotion that people feel from time to time when someone or something frustrates or annoys them. One of the roots of anger is the Greek word ankhone for "a strangling," which is a perfect description of the way anger actually feels. Indeed, anger can make you feel like strangling someone. Don't do it! If you're feeling a lot of anger, it's good to take a nice, deep breath.

Now that we have had an icebreaker to what is anger let's explore it. First of all anger thrives on the ego. Without our ego, anger could not control us. I liked the idea of anger feeling like it strangles our insides to the point we would do anything to rid ourselves of it but let's see how it got to this point. First of all we do not want to admit how powerful this invisible energy or vibration actually is. And, we do not want to admit how frightening this thing is yeah it's a thing in some ways let me show you how.

First of all, anger could not exist without a body nor do any damage or harm. So, what exactly is it? We actually do not know but the experience is something very powerful inside of us. It is privately happening to you and oftentimes people do not know to what degree until it take complete control of our bodies. What is it that is strangling us on the inside feeling like a ridged roughness to our nervous system? It is like an electrical tornado moving through the whole form of our bodies. We embrace ourselves in hopes it would subside. But at times, it does not subside and that's when it becomes scary. In split seconds, in perfect timing when it convinces the ego to unleash it, we do it without the opportunity to stop it from no longer staying inside of us instead it causes the body to release its rage in the space we stand and breathe in.

Our bodies now become a puppet at the mercy of anger wreaking havoc in our lives causing us to say and do things usually needing an apology. So much damage comes from it that it starts the destruction of our interactions people and us. To some degree, it almost feels like being raped. Our minds and bodies were taken from us even if it only for a short time. The aftermath is horrible we have to face the world after being less than human.

What in the hell was that taking control of our minds and bodies? Heaven forbid if we say temporary possession of some kind, an entity through the ego was welcomed in to do our bidding. Or was it actually who we are in an extreme negative way? The fact of the matter, anger is more powerful than our body because our bodies at times does not and cannot control this thing. Yes thing, combustive energy, vapor within the body unseen but able to force action especially unwanted action. We become anger's victim. We did not need an outside source to be victimized.

Through anger people are killed by the hands of the people possessed by it. Anger has embarrassed us and made us feel ugly. Today, I want us to call it a thing, an entity, spirit, an invisible force allowed in by our egos so we can put it in its place on a regular basis. First of all, we have to admit when it is beginning to brew. We feel it before the combustion. It is important to observe self-righteousness. The ego has a need to be right and attack anything saying otherwise. Being right in this world is so irrelevant there is no great reward for it. Sometimes just we knowing have to be enough. Get a grip on that by realizing. It is happening –the beginning of possession. While observing, slow down your breathing and deepened it.

Anger of course can catch us off guard that is why we have to have a lifestyle where we are conscious of our thoughts and intentions. When we are conscious of our thoughts and feelings on a regular basis, when the invader comes, we can subdue it or find a place to isolate ourselves until it passes. No one deserves our rage and eventually the goal is that we truthfully begin more and more to realize not even we deserve to have it lurking in our bodies. Our bodies do not deserve the scaring that anger does to it on the inside so we have to predicate a life of serenity and self-awareness.

No one wants to say they were possessed but at times people appear to be so. The Bible identifies anger as a spirit on the dark side. I'm just saying. Anger is kind of twisted with anxiety as well. It feels like a rush of tensed energy evading your body. If you are alone, you deal with it better but if someone is around and they think you are your sweet and wonderful self, they will approach you expecting the same patience they always received from you. You know you are sitting on a time bomb and don't want to hurt anybody's feelings so you kind of attempt to focus on the innocent person or people in hopes you do not hurt their feelings. Now that is a fifty-fifty because the combination of acting like it is not happening and it is happening can be very awkward.

I have found in these moments, you should be honest and ask for moment to regroup or just say hold on I will be right back. Sometimes the focus in communicating justly can help it to subside but sometimes it doesn't so you have to save people from your worst self and own it. Go somewhere and breathe or whatever you do to calm your nervous system. This is not an ego thing it is more or less a chemical imbalance or something disturbing in the body at any rate slow down the breathing and trust it will pass. Anger is not just a PTSD thing. It is an enemy of humans but if we decide today, anger will not own us anymore because we see it for what it is, it will have to back down and in time, it will be very normal to put it in its place. Hopefully it will be seen that if we actually own it and direct it towards something positive like exercising, walking, writing, singing, resting etc. anger will be our friend. Own it! Discipline it! Direct it! Love you too much to let anger reign.

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