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Three million vaccines given away to developing countries

 article about Three million vaccines given away to developing countries
According to statistics, around the world children are dying from totally preventable diseases. Diseases that are preventable through the use of different vaccines, diseases such as polio and measles. While deaths through these diseases are theoretically preventable, in reality 1 in 5 children lack access to life-saving immunizations and as a result, every 20 seconds a child dies from a theoretically preventable disease. And 75% of those deaths occur in 10 countries.

"Vaccines are one of the most cost-effective ways to save and improve the lives of children in developing countries by protecting them from life-threatening diseases, " said Kathy Calvin, president and chief executive officer of the United Nations Foundation.

United Nations Foundation's Shot@Life campaign was launched to educate Americans and empower them to help protect children in developing countries. And Walgreens, the largest drugstore chain in the U.S. has promised to donate up to three million vaccines to the UN Foundation's campaign through their "Get a Shot, Give a Shot" vaccine initiative.

"We've developed a number of innovative programs and public-private partnerships through which we've helped improve immunization rates in medically underserved areas, and among other targeted populations in need across the U.S.," said Harry Leider from Walgreens. "With the growing need for life-saving vaccines such as polio and measles in developing countries, we're proud to work with the UN Foundation on this important cause that provides access to vaccine for children in need, creates greater awareness and furthers our mission to help people get, stay and live well."

For every vaccine administered at Walgreens locations, the company will be making a donation of the same value to the Shot@Life campaign and so up to 3 million vaccines.

Get yourself a shot and by doing that, help a child who can't afford it.

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