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3 Popular Health Tips (That Are Myths)

 article about health myths
"What constitutes a healthy diet?" Google this question and you will find numerous answers. Some of the answers may be true but some are half-truths from so-called experts insisting that...

#3 Sugar Can Cause Diabetes
Is sugar the reason for having diabetes? If you are diagnosed of having diabetes, the doctor does not tell you to stop eating snickers and candy bars, the doctor's recommended diet is to have a proper diet which means to minimize your intake, not only intake of sugar but everything. Just as itchy throat is a symptom of having a cough; high blood sugar is not a cause of diabetes but a symptom. When your pancreas gets lazy to produce insulin to your body diabetes is developed. If a person has large intake of sugar, he or she probably have abnormal intake of everything. It is not eating sugar that is the main cause of diabetes but the large amount of your food eat.

#2 Avoid Saturated Fat
Most people believe that in order to preserve healthy body, zero intake of saturated fat is ideal. This id not the case. Saturated fat cannot be avoided. As long as daily intake is not higher than 15-20%, a good diet is maintained. In fact, saturated fats particularly in coconut oil and butter are good for proper nerve signaling.

#1 Myth: Lose Weight with Diet Sodas
Compared to regular soda, diet soda surely contains no calories. But this does not mean that diet soda can help you lose weight. Make sure you do not pair your diet soda with cake. Because according to research, diet sodas may have an effect to your desire for something sweet, which we all know contains large amount of calories.

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