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5 Ways to Add Years to Your Life

 article about 5 Ways to Add Years to Your Life

5 Ways to Add Years to Your Life We really can effect how long we live, and to think all it takes is adding some nutrients to your diet, and some enjoyment towards the little things. You can live 22 years longer or more with these simple steps.

Choose the salad, not the soup +2 years
Add two years to your life by enjoying one cup of vegetables daily. You can get your daily dose easily by snacking on veggies throughout the day, just put chopped red and green peppers, broccoli and carrots in a zip lock bag and nibble on the go.

Make a work out date + 3 years
Add three years to your life, instead of planning the typical dinner and a movie date, plan a work out date. Did you know that having a body mass index of 25-35 can shorten your life up to three years? To fix this problem grab your mate and plan to meet three times a week. Men are 50 percent more likely to run if their partners with them.

Munch on nuts + 3 years
Add three more years to your life by enjoying an assortment of nuts, make it easy - grab a mix and much away, but avoid salty combos. The Loma Linda University researchers discovered that after tracking the lifestyle habits of 34,000 Seventh-Day Adventists-a population known for their longevity-, those who munched on nuts 5 days a week gained an extra 2.9 years.

Lean on me and live longer + 7 years
Your friends can add seven years to your life line, seriously! Australian researchers found that in a study of seventysomethings those with the largest network of friends had the longest life. Having a social circle as we age can enhance our life, bring purpose, and a simple "hello" can help.

Long Live Retirement and You + 7 years
Volunteering and gardening, playing chess, and continuing your hobbies into your older years is important to energize and add years to your life. By bringing a positive outlook to the aging process you can live more than 7 years longer. Not bad for just enjoying the things you like to do.

Bonus Tip: Exercise
One of the best ways to extend your life and improve its quality is exercise. Get started today with these Pilates videos and yoga videos.

Enjoy these tips and the years they'll add to your life!

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