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Lose Sleep, Gain Weight

 article about Lose Sleep, Gain Weight

Lose Sleep, Gain WeightHave you ever wondered how your brain knows when you're getting full? I mean, sure, you are eating and eventually your stomach fills up, but how does your body know when it's reached that point? A hormone called leptin is responsible. Leptin comes from the Greek word "Leptos," which means "thin."

The hormone is produced in the fat cells and sends signals to the brain which tell it how much fat is being stored. Research shows that sleep deprivation triggers the release of a hormone that inhibits leptin production and simultaneously increases ghrelin production.  Ghrelin has the opposite effect of leptin Ė it sends hunger signals to the brain.

The lesson to be learned here - the body needs sleep! Granted, it may be more fun to stay up playing video games all night (heck, I've done it several times), but by doing so, you may be contributing to the increased size of your waistline. Do yourself a favor and get more shuteye.

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