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Donít Take a Vacation from Exercise and Healthy Foods

 article about Donít Take a Vacation from Exercise and Healthy Foods

Dont Take a Vacation from Exercise and Healthy FoodsNothing motivates people quite like a vacation. The sun, the water, the beach. Many of you will kick your exercise routine into high gear or start working out to get your beach bod ready. Good for you, but don't ruin all that hard work on vacation.

Of course you want your vacation to be fun. If going to the gym is work, then it should be skipped, right? Sure. But avoiding the gym and not exercising are not the same thing. While on vacation, try some fun actives. Golf, basketball, swimming, Yoga, Pilates and volleyball are all great activities. You get the idea, try to remain active and have fun at the same time.

For those of you who like working out (I'm guilty of this), book a hotel that has a fitness center. The provides two great sites, and These sites help you find hotels that have fitness centers. If you can't find a good fitness center, try these exercise and yoga videos in your hotel room.

A short note on foodÖ If you've been dieting to look amazing before your vacation, your body is accustomed to healthy food. If you indulge too much, with ice cream and rich foods, your stomach won't be happy. Diets and pounds aside, you don't want this to happen, especially on vacation. Have fun and eat some great food, but don't over do it.

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