Natural Headache ReliefIt starts as a dull sensation in the back of your head, nothing to worry about, but it keeps growing, louder and stronger, until you can't ignore it anymore. You've got a headache and you need relief! Traffic, people, noise, lights, smells and daily angst seem almost unbearable. You have to stop this headache, cold in its tracks; otherwise nothing else will get done. You dash towards the closest rifling through a stash of pills before you stop Ė in this day and age why can't you find natural headache relief? Well, look no further, we have all sorts of tips to help you quiet the noise inside your head Ė naturally.

Natural Remedies for Headache Relief

Aromatherapy - Essential oils and scented candles help calm your environment and relax the body and mind - just what you need when your head is throbbing. Here is a helpful list of essential oils from

  • Chamomile - calming, soothing
  • Cinnamon - reduces stress, loosens tight muscles
  • Lavender - reduces pain, relaxes
  • Lime Essence - reduces anxiety
  • Marjoram - eases muscle tension
  • Peppermint - reduces pain, reduces tension

Massage with Pressure Points - Since stress and tension can cause headaches, it's best to reduce and remove them. Nothing does the job quite like a massage, especially if you incorporate pressure points. If you're new to these techniques, check out this great video. You'll be stress and headache free in no time.

Icepack - An icepack will cool your hot head. Icepacks work especially well if you're exhausted - when giving yourself a massage just takes too much effort.

Soothing Music - A clam and relaxing environment will help you relax and will dull the pain. Listening to classical music is a smooth way to unwind and mellow out - both will calm the commotion upstairs.

Light Exercise - Back away from the computer, staring at that screen all day will give anyone a headache. Some light exercise is a great way to get away from the computer and can help reduce headaches and migraines by releasing endorphins, the body's natural painkiller. The key here is to keep your exercise light, as in going for a walk, not a run, and short, 20-30 minutes. Remember, in this particular instance, you're exercising to reduce your headache not to get fit so don't overdo it.

Meditation and Deep Breathing - Last but not least is Meditation and deep (diaphragmatic) breathing. By giving yourself a moment to unwind and slow down, you'll reduce stress, tension and the ache in your head. Also, guided imagery is an option. It's easier to do than meditation, all the zen, half the effort Ė try it today.

When To Call Your Doctor
Common headaches are annoying, but are usually harmless. The following are symptoms that yours is serious and requires medical attention. states if you experience the following, it's time to call a doctor.

  • A change in frequency, severity, or features of the migraine commonly experienced
  • A new, progressive headache that lasts for days
  • A headache brought on by coughing, sneezing, bearing down or straining while going to the bathroom
  • Large, unintentional loss of body weight
  • Weakness or paralysis that lasts after the headache

Now that you have these tips, I hope you choose a natural solution the next time you get a headache.

This information is not intended to replace the care or advice of a physician. This information is for informational purposes only.

Written by: Gregory Schnese