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When I think of weight loss motivation I think of what motivates me is the desire to see the end result. However, quite simply motivation is defined as the direction and intensity of one's effort. So in respect to weight loss motivation can be construed as self motivation to lose the weight once and for all.


Motivation often wanes when we are three weeks into a diet and we aren't getting those fast results we had hoped we would see. You have to remember that slow and steady wins the race in weight loss. You should only be losing about two to three pounds a week for safe weight loss. There are other contributing factors to motivation though. We want the approval from others. We want people to see that we have finally lost the weight and look great. I have a friend named Paula who lost weight and she looks fabulous. I try to keep her motivated to keep it off by offering positive words of reinforcement.


Peer pressure is another thing that motivates people to lose weight. The most blatant form of peer pressure is the media hype that focuses on thin being in. I had to applaud Tyra Banks when she told the media to kiss her fat black ass on national TV. The media had distorted her image to gain readership and when I actually saw this gross misrepresentation of how one actually looks to how the media tries to depict them to make a buck I was sickened. With the media there will never be a  happy medium they drag celebrities through the mud for being too thin and then drag them through the same puddle of mud for being too fat.


There are things that we can do to keep us motivated to keep losing the weight. Yes this sounds redundant I am sure but all I ask is that you try at least one of the five things I am going to mention that I am using to keep me motivated to lose weight and keep it off.


  1. I like to see continued low numbers at the Doctors office.
  2. I am using non food rewards now for achieving e.g, my goal not to over indulge in sweets for one week. I have used things such as a new hair color, getting my hair done, buying a new article of clothing, or buying a new pair shoes.
  3. Buying new music
  4. Buying myself a new scented candle from Yankee Candle Co.
  5. Buying a new piece of jewelry


Now for men I realize this would be too feminine of a list to try so maybe you could try:

  1. Buying yourself a new DVD
  2. Consider getting a male facial and massage
  3. The low numbers at the Doctors office can still apply to you
  4. Buying new music could also apply to you
  5. Maybe you could splurge on that new tattoo you have always wanted to get


In order to stay motivated to lose weight you still need to reward yourself. The trick is learning to reward yourself without the food reward system