I thought this week I would write more on stress
management as that has pretty much been a focus area for me for what seems like
awhile now.

Two weeks ago I put some questions to you to help you
evaluate your own stress and/or stressors. For privacy issues I will have to
give generalities as to how I measured up on this. I was able to identify my
stressors I was also willing to make adjustments in my life to counterattack
these. As to how I was handling it not very well. I was feeling more rundown
and tired all the time. Stress and depression are not very good bed fellows. To
a person who suffers from moderate to severe depression added stress can feel
like a boulder suffocating you. What I decided to do about it is take matters
into my own hands and figure out a way to live my life for me. In light of that
I have put several things into motion and have done something about it to
create a less stressful life for myself and my son.

One other thing to note in handling stress better is to
get enough sleep. I have made it a point not to stay up later than 12:30 a.m.
CDT. Anything later than that and I get bogged down and can't function. I felt
that Wednesday when I was trying to deal with my son and I felt short fused and
couldn't handle anything in regards to dealing with his way of processing

Getting a better eating pattern helps too. If you have
heard it a million times before you will hear it again from me, breakfast is thee most important meal of the day. So
you don't have time to fix a three course breakfast complete with all the
trimmings, for on the go there are a variety of great products out now. A chewy
granola bar with a banana and a pint of milk can be a quick easy on the go
alternative, not to mention nutritious. Then you will be better able to handle
the day as well as whatever comes your way between breakfast and lunch. Since I
have been eating breakfast on a daily basis I can certainly feel the difference
in how I handle my day. If I skip I feel edgy and cranky, when I make time to
get it in I am more focused and can cope better with whatever challenges come
my way.

Also effective communication can reduce frustration and
improve stress management. By being an effective communicator you can increase
your understanding of what is required of you and you can better communicate to
others what it is you want them to be able to do thus ideally minimizing
unnecessary hassles at home and in the work place. Being an effective
communicator also makes way for better problem solving skills and increases a
healthy supportive environment to pave the way to alleviating added stress
caused by relationship issues, not only at home with spouses and kids but also
in the work place with superiors and co-workers. In retrospect though if
someone is causing you undo distress and not able to communicate their needs
and wants effectively without making you feel worthless and unvalued then you
need to get away from that person so that your stress level doesn't go through the
roof and you are able to take care of yourself.

I want to spend a couple more weeks on this topic as I
have a chance to help out with a stress management lecture this summer and want
to share with you my experiences with that. I also want to give you some
insights on what you can do to enhance your meditation sessions.