To start off I would like to thank Siim for taking
me on as a health writer. I promise you will enjoy what you read from
me or at least come away slightly more informed than you were before
you turned on your computer.

My name is Joe and I am a female JOE, by the way.
It's a long story; don't ask unless you have a few minutes out of your
day to spare. I am going to take a minute and give the stereotypical
introduction. I am thirty four years old and live in America's
heartland; Topeka, Kansas
to be exact. I am in school majoring in physical education. I expect to
graduate in the next decade as I decided to pursue a double
concentration within my major. I run a site for weight loss as well as
a message board for those who, after visiting the site, decide they
want a place to talk to others about weight loss issues.

I got a kick in the pants awhile back when an
author by the name of Judy Miller spoke at our church. She was actually
plugging her book, nonetheless I came away ready to get back into
writing and creating. I am happier doing what I love rather than not
doing what I wanted and being miserable.

In this column I will give you useful information
into stress management, healthy living, and alternative therapies I
have tried in order to stay as healthy as I am today. I won't plug
anything in this column I haven't tried and don't believe in. While the
saying "What works for one may not work for another," applies to most
anything in life, if I haven't tried something out then I can not give
you the right information on how to use it and what results you should
expect from it.

Stay tuned for more from me in the weeks and months to come. In the meantime, have a happy and healthy day wherever you may be.