After the development and building the Exion footbike 2000 and a lot of
practice ( about 3000 km ) it was time for something new and try to
make it even better.

There where a few wishes and a few ideas
to make it better and different and try to discover if these ideas
worked. Maybe only for innovation.

A bigger frontwheel, a lower
footboard, less weight and a aerobar cover for serious speeding and
strong wind condition were the challenge.

After thinking on all
these ideas and wishes the new Exion 2002 was born. It became new
radical design and it cost a lot of hours to produce it.

Technical specifications

Frame : composite of carbonfiber
Fork : composite of carbonfiber
Wheelsize: frontwheel 28 rearwheel 20
Brake: only on frontwheel
Weight: 7300 grams

All of these changes work well and make it even better and more comfortable.