The history of scootering, footbiking goes back to the year 1900. It
was a scooter made of wood and iron pieces included wooden wheels.

In the 50's it became a steel model with 20 wheels and rubber tires and it stayed the same way until the year 1990.

Later other models came, models with bigger wheels in different sizes and special made for adults.

But in 1999 it was time to invent a total new model which had to be
more efficient. So the frametube under the footboars had to disappear
and the frame had to be stiff.

Conclusion: a frame in a triangle form.

After several designs the backbone construction was born. Soon the design and backbone construction were registered.

I started to built the prototype.

The result is a high performance adult concept footbike with a carbon
frame. Designed with aerodynamics and energy-efficiency in mind, every
element of the Exion was built to keep wind resistance down and offer
higher speeds with less effort.

The rider operates in low
profile position, facilited by a aerobar. The standing foot 50 mm above
the surface. The energy that is required for the Exion is now reduced
by 27 % in comparing against other generation footbikes.

Technical specifications

: composite of carbon fiber and epoxy resin
Wheelsize : front 26 rear 20
Fork : composite of carbon fiber
Brake : only frontwheel (rimmodel)
Weight : 7800 grams (17,2 lbs)

After finishing this Exion 2000 model I realised I could make it even
better. I developed a new generation of the Exion. You can read about
Exion on the next The Cheers issue.