It is inevitable. You go online, you eventually look for porn. People
always deny looking at or enjoying porn, but the reality is, porn is in
most everyones home. Porn doesnt become the third largest exported
product category for a country like the U.S. if it isnt in high demand.
So I stand by the statement, you go online, you eventually look for
porn. That trend carries into the blogging world. You start a blog, eventually you look for a sex blog. I know this to be true. Since starting my own blog, I have begun reading more blogs and yes, I have been finding sex blogs.

Actually, sex blogs
are finding me. I regularly check the updated blog list from Blogger
and when I see a title of one that intrigues me I click on it and hope
to find something interesting. Do I ALWAYS click on blogs that are
quite obviously about sex? Well yeah, but that's not the point. The
point is that sex blogs are something of an added bonus to becoming a

As with all blogs or the people creating them, you may
or may not be getting the real story. The creation of a unique persona
that is dramatically different from your own is as common a practice
online as the left-click. You can be anyone online and nobody really
seems to care if we're lied to so long as we're entertained.

Currently I am fascinated with the Small Town Sex Blog.
This blog features the pent up frustrations of MissyMae (not her real
name), a newly single, self-described thirty-something living with the
pain of NOT having enough or any sex at all, in spite of having a
live-in boyfriend.

I trust that this woman's tales and
exploits (or lack thereof) are true, but I wouldn't be surprised to
find out that it is all bullshit. Ive been in contact with Missy and
she insists that her blog is completely honest. She also states that
her intention when creating Small Town was only to vent some
frustration and not to gather readers. Whatever her reasons or her
level of truth, I like the stories, the human drama hell,
I love hearing chicks that may or may not be hot talking dirty!

importantly, Missys tales are well-written, funny, and good reading.
That is what always makes any blog worth reading. People reading the
Small Town Sex Blog come back to hoping she will dump her loser
boyfriend and find someone willing to fulfill her needs. Well, we
secretly hope she dumps the guy. We dont REALLY want her to start
getting some because that COULD mean the end of a great blog. Sure,
theres the chance shed continue telling her tales in the same graphic
details, but why take the chance?

Having gone to a few different sex blogs
I have to list the Small Town Sex Blog as "The Good" because it seems
so much more genuine than others. This is not just someone putting on a
good show for my benefit. Most sex blogs are either links to bigger
porn sites or really horrible attempts at erotic literature. This blog
is a great read! Were I to be writing a sex blog I'd want it to be like
this one. I'd love to ask this gal to do a link exchange but she seems
to only be interested in other sex blogs so I will just sit and enjoy.

As for "The Bad" & "The Ugly", they were made one & the same the day I stumbled upon Lawrence's Ladies - Diary of a Porn Star.
I'm not saying I wasn't entertained by this. I was and still am even
though there havent been any noteworthy updates in weeks.

This blog is too damn funny for words if by "funny" you actually mean "sad". You'll check it out and see for yourself no doubt.

thought I was kidding?A horribly pale, poorly-tattooed guy , Lawrence
Connor, won some sort of contest where he would get to BE a porn star
for a day and maybe launch a new career. The catch? He must make it to
the final, uhclimactic conclusion on film or suffer the consequence.
That consequence? Get banged in the ass with a strap-on.

contestants know that there is the potential for some unwanted
humiliating sodomy captured on tape. At least it's the hot porn chick
doing the banging IF you fail to perform. That's still something,
right? I hope Lawrence thinks that way because he set up a blog for the
world to see.

How did it go for our hero, Lawrence? Well you can click on the video link at his blog - oh wait! Let me just add this one HERE for ya!

I'm sure I'll find more fun stuff during my blogging career. Already I have found the Suburban Sex Blog, which is the male equivalent of the Small Town Sex Blog. I am certain that if I look long enough I will find more.

folks who write sex blogs seem to read many of them as well. There are
always plenty of links to others found within the pages of a good blog.
Links are good ways to find more content. Often the writers of your
favorite blogs link to people with a similar take on the subject matter.

are also many different search engines dedicated to organizing the
ever-growing blog world. These work just like any other search engine.
Some even offer categorized menus to make things easier. Obviously, a
good place to start would be Sex Blog Search, but feel free to check out Blogarama, Blog Search Engine, or Blogstreet to find folks writing about your favorite fetish.

may also want to do it the old fashioned way. Surf the net. A little
clever use of Google searches should provide other great adult oriented
blogs. Surfing for internet porn oddities found me such treasures as Divine Interventions,
a manufacturer of silicone dildos shaped like religious icons. HEY! It
was Christmas and I had to find a gift for the person who has

I am still not quite certain why anyone would
publish their sexual exploits for all the world to see. But then again,
creating any sort of internet site where you share a little or a lot of
yourself is somewhat odd. I am sure that there are psychology students
everywhere working on a thesis about this very subject.

Besides, who am I to talk? In my time here at The Cheers I have eagerly written about juggling sex toys, showering with a horse, and who can forget my infamous prom story?
Perhaps I should create a new blog just for my own exploits. Im sure
that if I ever get around to having sex Ill have some great stories!

Speaking of BLOGS, check Out Andy Martello's Tales from Andy Land! No, it isn't a sex blog, but one can dream.