Roulette, also referred to as the devil's game is a popular casino that was invented in the 17th century. Over time the game has changed, and several variations of the game have been introduced to make it more thrilling and fun playing. In the late 90s and early 2000 at the onset of the internet, the game was launched online, and since then it has spread rapidly and is an exciting game among many players. Some versions of online roulette just like offline slot games can be played without internet for fun. However, this article focuses on how to play online roulette for real money.

How to get started playing online roulette for real money

Playing for real money involves using real money, unlike virtual casino credits. You would want to put your money at stake without the assurance that you will enjoy playing roulette at the same time, probably walking away with a profit. Whereas there is no guarantee of winning, the choice of having fun is entirely dependent on your scouting skills of a good online casino. To get started keep in mind the following important tips.

Opt for Live Dealer Casino Games Instead of Rng Online Roulette

A live dealer ensures there are zero chances for game manipulation. Besides, the game is more real and authentic. Live dealer games are more because of their resemblance of a land-based casino with features such as live chat amongst players and much more.

If You Are into Making a Profit, Choose the European Roulette

The European roulette has fewer jackets where the ball can land, meaning the house edge is lower. The lower the house edge, the higher the chance of winning. The European roulette has 36 jackets while the American roulette has 37 jackets. The return to player percentage for the American roulette stands at 94.74% while for the European roulette stands at 97.3%, which means more room to make more money for the European roulette.

Never Risk More Than You Can Win

The roulette has 36/37 slots which can play and possibly land a win. The last thing you want is missing the winning number by a whisker. As a result, players have always been tempted to increase the coverage of their bets on the table, which means less winning. Striking the balance of how many chips to play versus how many slots you should leave empty has always been problematic, resulting in many players laying more bets that sometimes lead to lower winnings. This is a serious flaw to any player hunting for profit and could be detrimental to your stake. It is advisable you stake what brings in more than what you stake, especially for players who are on a hunt for a profit.

Set Betting Limits

Roulette has been referred to as the crack of gambling for several reasons; it is addictive, it is fun, and it is thrilling. You don't want to fall into the pit of being a compulsive gambler and end up spending all your hard-earned money playing roulette. Therefore, it is essential before you overindulge on playing online roulette go through the following betting limit checklist.

  - Loss limit
- Deposit limit
- Bet limit
- Track your spending
- Have reality checks
- Have a betting calculator

Know the Different Types of Bets and Have a Betting Strategy

Whatever the payout you get depends on the type of bet you place. You need to have a clear betting strategy that you will stick to it and have an understanding of the payout you should expect. Check the below table to have an understanding of the types of payout.

Bet type Payout Ratio
Inside bets
         Straight-up 35 to 1
·         Split bet 17 to 1
·         Street bet 11 to 1
·         Corner bet 8 to 1
·         Five-number bet 6 to 1
·         Six-number bet 5 to 1
Outside bets
         Red or Black 1 to 1
·         Odd or Even 1 to 1
·         Low or High 1 to 1
·         Columns 2 to 1
·         Dozens 2 to 1
Called bets
·         Neighbours of Zero Varying payout, can reach up to 24 to 1
·         Thirds of the Wheel 17 to 1
·         Zero Game Varying payout, can reach up to 26 to 1
·         The Orphans either 35 to 1 or 17 to 1