I was motivated to do this article after reading an article on Forbes
Online a few months ago, but never got around to doing it until now.
Due to the diverse number of the rich and the famous under 30, I find
it an immensely hard job to complete. I've tried to get the richest and
most famous U-30s in the world, and hopefully, they will be pleasing to
you. In no particular order:

1 & 2: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen
apparently comes in pairs. It is the case with these two. Only recently
eighteen, they are the dreams of almost every teenage boy. The Mary
Kate and Ashley Olsen franchise is big too, in fields as diverse as
toothpaste and TV programs. It is allegedly worth US$1 billion. The
girls have also had the time to indulge in making and producing movies;
New York Minute comes out this summer and should be one of the larger
teenage box office hits.They are also historys youngest producers (aged
6). About to study at New York University, as long as they preserve the
cuteness that endured them to pre-teen girls and teenage boys, of
course, they should be still around the scene for some time yet. Recent
reports indicate they might be worth as much as US$120million a piece,
and 2004 looks to have revenues for the franchise set at US$1.2 billion.

3. David Robert Joseph Beckham

does this man have, that the rest don't? Football (soccer to you
Americans) icon, Gay icon, Black Icon, the stuff of womens dreams, the
man that popularized the word "metrosexual." Oh and did I fail to
mention multi-millionaire? Hes paid about 120, 000 euros a week to play
for Real Madrid, Europes most glamorous sports club, and broke millions
of hearts (including mine), when he made the 25 million pound move from
Englands Manchester United to Spain. Englands most famous footballing
son, he is also married to Posh Spice (aka Victoria Adams), and the
happy father of two. Despite the reports regarding his alleged
infidelity, the Beckham brand remains intact. Gillette recently paid
him 40 million pounds to endorse its razors. He is 29 years old this
year, and worth approximately 60 million pounds. Beckham stars for
England at Euro 2004, and in Portugal this summer. He appears also in
this month's issue of Vanity Fair.

4. Paris Hilton

people have to work hard to earn their millions and others have their
millions delivered to them. Paris Hilton is of the second category. She
is heiress to a multi-million dollar fortune, porn model, D-list
actress, and the beau of Nick Carter. A Simple Life only future
enhanced the dissatisfaction that America has against this party girl
who thinks Wal-Mart sells wallpaper.

Talk about a whiner too.
Well, I suppose you can whine when you havent reached your twenty-fifth
birthday and are worth US$25million when you have to work in McDonalds.
Her sister, Nicki is more attractive then she is. A Simple Life 2 is on
your screen.

5. Britney

Pop star Britney
had the world at her feet after a series of No.1 hits on the pop-chart,
including "Oops I did it again" and "Hit me baby, one more time".
Despite the fact that she has no voice, the tabloids love her. Her
break-up with NSyncs Justin Timberlake made headlines across the globe.
Oh, and not to mention her twenty-four hour wedding, to a man she cant
make up her mind about. Oh, she twisted her knee or something during
her world tour that had to make the headlines too.

At least,
shes more attractive than Paris Hilton. Her sister, Jamie Lynn is doing
pretty well too, a recording contract in the works. Britneys wealth is
hard to pin down, but a guess of around US$15-20million, would not be
too far of the mark for that of the former Mousketeer. She appears set
to marry yet again. For 60 hours this time? In the Zone is in stores

6. Sam Branson

Probably the unknown
here, yet the richest. Son of Britains fifth-richest man, Richard. This
clothing model came to fame using his family name. Last years Fortune
claimed that he unsucessfully lobbied his parents to allow him to quit
school to open a nightclub. It runs in the blood; Branson; sr owns
Heaven, a British nightclub that according to a book, Branson by Tom
Boyer, is a favorite for gays. His father might have deserved his
wealth, but does he? He is more decent than Paris Hilton, I suppose.
Sam is aged 18, and when his old man dies, will come into a fortune of
more than one billion (yes billion) pounds. Very little is known about

7. Orlando Bloom

He was voted the sexiest
actor in the world by a recent poll in the UK. This heart-throb has
teenage girls chasing him everywhere. Hes dyslexic, yet pulled off a
decent job in Lord of The Rings, Troy, and Pirates of the Carribean
when he starred alongside Viggo Mortensen, Brad Pitt, and Johnny Depp.
Hes IT-illiterate yet his pretty face has led him to Win A Dates Kate
Bosworth as his current girlfriend. Hes currently working on Kingdom of
Heaven, due in 2005. The fact that hes broken his fingers and legs more
than once has only served to endear him to his friends. He is only in
his twenties, and his wealth is not open to the public, yet a
respectable estimate, would put it around US$ 3-6 million.

8. Hilary Duff

tween queen if there ever was one. Lizzie McGuire on the Disney Channel
propelled her to fame, about 2-3 years ago, and she has not looked
back. The movie was a favorite for pre-teens, and she loaned her weight
to Agent Cody Banks. Recent reports say that Lizzie McGuire could be
scrapped after a pay-row with Disneys executives, a move she has
denied. Sister to producer, Haylie, Duff lives in California. Her
album, released October 03, was at one time, No.1 in America. So
Yesterday was a beacon for bubble-gum pop. Duff is 17 years old, and
Forbes approximated her worth at US$6 million last year. A Cinderella
Story is out soon.

9. Hollywood's IT Girl-Scarlett J

is 19, Hollywoods latest IT girl and likes elder men. The nubile young
actress is almost an exact replica of Marilyn Monroe. Although she has
been acting for several years, it was Lost in Translation (2004) that
got her noticed. She won a BAFTA for that award, becoming one of the
youngest actresses to receive it. She followed it up with an entrancing
performance in Girl With A Pearl Earring, which was labeled an art
movie master-piece. The whole of Britain seems to be smitten over this
porcelain-faced girl, who likes to dress in green dresses that show her
flabs (Oscar Awards). Her wealth is not exactly public domain, but I
would approximate it at around US$3-4 million. More will be coming in.

10. Christiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiros

to bore the Americans, and infuriate the girls by not featuring Justin
Timberlake or Aaron Carter, but Christiano Ronaldo is the best soccer
prodigy in Europe since Paul Gascogine. Signed for Englands Manchester
United for 12.2 million pounds last summer (a British teenage record)
and took the Theatre of Dreams by storm with a stunning debut. His
lightning pace has delighted the men, while his locks have delighted
the girls. Ronaldo (of no relation of Brazils fatty, Ronaldo) is dating
the Brazilian-Portugese model that is striker Mario Jardels sister. He
is paid 35, 000 pounds a week, and is only 18. He is probably worth
around US$1.75million after taxes and stars opposite Beckham in Euro
2004 for Portugal.

Kristiano Ang, is the executive editor of the
youth support magazine, Vainquer Teens, which is launching soon. He
writes on positive thinking, popular culture, and world affairs. He can
be contacted via this website.