Every major corporation or political campaign has a slogan which they repeat over and over...and over in their advertising campaigns. Usually it's something memorable, something catchy, something selling that they can use to promote their business or campaign better. But every once in a while, something goes wrong. Be it as a result of a bad marketing person/firm, too weird mindset or anything else.

MacDonalds - "Lovin' beats hatin'." When you think of the company's previous slogans, they have been pretty okay in general, but this one simply doesn't make any sense. Even in times of Trump presidency. Their previous slogans have been "I'm lovin' it" or "You deserve a break today". I'm lovin' it is pretty perfect. Then again, another one of theirs, is "What we're made of" which again is pretty, pretty bad. I actually don't even want to know what McDonalds is made of, can't it be anything too good.

UPS - "What can brown do for you". We all know that UPS cars are brown, but...my mind goes to other stuff when I think of brown. It can be something that comes out of your rear end. Or it can be considered racist if your mind works similar to mine.

Dr. Pepper - "It's not for women". Talk about discrimination. Of course, you shouldn't take it as a true feminist, it doesn't make sense to take everything that seriously. But for a company to use it as a slogan, they usually end up losing market share with that. As they say that this stuff is not meant for women. Okay, women won't buy it then. And neither will many men.

Carl's Jr. - "If It Doesn't Get All Over the Place, It Doesn't Belong in Your Face." This one sounds simply bad. You could interpret it in numerous different ways, but they are all bad. Not the slogan one should promote itself with.

Cremo - "There's No Spit in Cremo." That's a slogan for a cigar. Well, whether it's cigar or a restaurant, why would you ever expect to have any spit in it? And if you really need to explain that there's no spit in your product, something must be seriously wrong.

Springfield sexual addiction center - "From PERV to PERFECT in as little as 10 days." Well, what can I say about it...nothing.

Cockpit bar & grill - "Not a Gay Bar." Could say they were creative but not so much. It's simply ... bad.

Victoria's Secret - "A Body for Every Body." It sounds nice, but when you actually think about it, what does it say? One could think of human trafficking here, or eye for an eye idea, or...one movie of Bruce Willis where people used robotic bodies not their own.

The Australian Federal Police - "To Fight Crime, And Win." Well, obvious!

Canadian Tire - "I'll start with you." What does it even mean? It makes no sense whatsoever.

Trojan - "Feels Like There's Nothing There." While I get what they want to say, and maybe they even understood the additional pun themselves, the slogan is actually pretty horrible.

Fox News - "Fair and Balanced." In case of Fox News it's terribly misleading. Of course, Fox News just changed its slogan to "Most Watched. Most Trusted," which, well, is a good sound bite, but still bad. And 50% misleading. Probably.

Toyota - "Moving Forward." While in general it's not bad at all, it becomes bad when you think of what problems Toyota has had just a few years back. More specifically, when Toyota cars moved forward unintentionally.

And then, of course, there are a few slogans from political campaigns.

Mitt Romney (2012) - "Believe In America." Apparently Mitt Romney didn't find America any more in his binders full of women and started to doubt it existed at all. So he tried to make himself believe in the existence of America again.

George W. Bush (2000) - "Real Plans For Real People." Because other candidates make fake plans for fake people.

Ross Perot (1992) - "Ross For Boss." There's a genius behind this campaign. Genius!

William McKinley (1900) -"A Full Dinner Pail." No words really.

John Kerry (2004) - "Let America Be America Again" It sort of falls in the same category as Romney's campaign slogan. Maybe they used the same agency? Or what did he mean by it? Let's give the country back to Indians? If it's that, my respect. Or did he mean he wanted to bring back slavery? Or...