Most of us thought that the Azzuri would easily win this game, or was I the only one who was so naive to think this?

The Italians have a very good team with world-class players and most of the press says that they have a chance to win the Euro 2004. If I remember well the same thing was said 2 years ago, when they had a very good chance to reach the final, but they were stopped by the South Korean national team. And what about Denmark? I mean, they surely have a good team, but better than Italy???  I don't think so...

I simply cannot believe it! The game was soooooo annoying for me.  You must all know that I'm a big Azzuri fanatic and I was very happy, out of my mind to see them playing , but now I wish I hadn't seen the match.

What were they doing, can somebody explain it please?  I must admit that it isn't easy for me to write this, but they really are a bunch of lazy self-important players. Just because they are one of the best team in the world, they think they can do anything?  I mean, they were sleeping for 90 minutes in front of the fans and supporters all over the world.

That wasn't fair!  And not only the players, Trappatoni was in the clouds too!  I think Vieri is too old for soccer, the others too lazy.  Del Piero, Cannavaro and even Totti (my hero) played terribly! They simply cannot win with their defensive play. Are they pleased with a draw???

On Friday, the Azzuri will face the Swedish team, who firmly beat Bulgaria (5-0) last night.  I cannot imagine what the result will be of the following match if Italy plays like this! My advice for the true tifosi is: don't watch the game - you will end up on the floor crying.

Now to the funny part of the match: I also cannot excuse their haircuts.

Did you see Totti's hair?  Who is his barber so I can cook his goose (and I do not refer to the white bird!!!).

The same opinion about Camoranesi's and Vieri's haircuts!  Is that a new tactic to make the other team laugh till they lose (or die)? It didn't work if you ask me! The only one  who was laughing all the time was Buffon. Although he was the only one, seemingly, who focused on the game.

I am very disillusioned...and hope they will bring up some action and attack against Sweden.

Forza Italia!