That's especially true for Heineken's new "Voyage" campaign. A campaign that truly puts the people to the test and shows what man is made of when he is taken out from his daily life and dropped somewhere far away from his home, into the great unknown.

The participants of the series of episodic adventures are literally dropped from a plane thousands of miles from their home, they are given just the basic supplies and general directions and they need to start their adventurous trip back home. It's kind of a social experience - what are the participants capable of, what will they do, how will they act under new circumstances, how will they manage to get back home.

Just to give you couple of examples - a graphic designer, art director and photographer Clint Jacobs from Capetown, South Africa was picked up and dropped off in the skies of Poland, by a bunch of clowns (yes, literally). Murray from Ireland and Jakub from Poland were dropped off in Philippines. While Murray has more experience traveling on his own from place to place, Jakub, while being a fond traveler, is mainly used to taking those all-inclusive trips for easier life. How they managed to get back home? All this and much more can be discovered at Heineken® Dropped YouTube channel.

You, as a viewer, will be able to see all of the episodes on the Youtube channel and also access the documentary-style content there. Not to mention contribute video entries yourself.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Heineken