On August 18th, 9pm ET/PT the fourth season of The Great Food Truck Race takes off. Eight three-people teams will start the longest challenge in the series history, as they will have to travel a route with a length of 4181 miles while competing against each other all the time. Each team will be given their own custom-made food truck that they will be using throughout the series. In the end, only one team will get to keep the truck and win $50 000 in cash as well as the fame that comes together with the victory.

This year's route will take the competitors to Portland, Pocatello, Idaho; Rapid City, S.D.; Minneapolis/St. Paul; Chicago, featuring guest stars Mayor Rahm Emanuel and legendary football coach Mike Ditka; and finally to Washington D.C.

The challenges on the road will be from side to side, from cooking to testing the teams' business skills and creativity. Their first challenge will be to sell one signature dish from their menu for at least $20. In the end of each episode, the team who has done the worst will be sent home while others keep on competing.

"Our competitors have to demonstrate top-notch cooking abilities and an entrepreneur's creativity and business skills. It all makes for a food-filled road trip that delivers a life-changing grand prize to the winner." -- Bob Tuschman, Food Network.

The show will premiere on Food Network on August 18th.

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