During the last years UFC as well as other martial arts brands have become more popular that ever. And so has the sport itself. Even one of my friends who I knew during my high school years has taken up the sport. I remember once he was walking on the street with slightly bruised nose and I couldn't help but wonder, what had happened to him. The answer - MMA. During the school years he has been more of a computer geek. Now he's doing MMA. Quite a change I must say.

Now Appiphany Technologies has also announce the upcoming launch of the world's first MMA brand for kids. It will be a great (and safe) way to experience the world of MMA. Not only are they coming out with the mobile games for iPad, iPod and iPhone, but there will also be augmented reality ebooks that, if used together with a special mobile app, will literally become to life. And smart toys or MMA Animal Action Figures that you can kind of transport into the virtual world with the use of the mobile app. Appiphany's whole idea is to mix the physical and virtual world as much as possible.

The brand will come with eight interactive stories and eight characters to choose from. Each of them with their own skill set and all of them from different regions of earth.

MMA Animals is expected to launch in Q3 of 2013, so stay tuned for more information about it.

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