If you've seen any kind of action movie, you're sure to be familiar with the classic elements of an awesome car chase: driving on sidewalks, narrow alleys, choreographed pedestrians who know just when to dive out of the way, complete disregard for damage, destruction or insurance, and obstacles that are strategically placed to be destroyed in a series of action-packed explosions.

But the movies below – you won't find anything from The Fast and the Furious series on the list because those movies are in a separate category for ridiculous but thoroughly entertaining feats – made our list by dedicating themselves to making their car scenes truly ridiculous.

John Travolta and his gang rob a bank and make a daring getaway on … a public bus. The bus is then lifted into the air by a helicopter and romantically carried away through the LA skyline, a much more ridiculously awesome result than what probably would have happened in the real world: the bus's roof is torn off by the chopper, giving FBI agents a clear shot at Travolta and his cohorts.

Smokey and the Bandit
Burt Reynolds and Sally Field jump the Mulberry Bridge in their famous black Trans Am while less awesome fortunate police cars clumsily topple into the river. The stunt actually totaled the real Trans Am used in the shot. Luckily Reynolds still had four other picture cars at his disposal.

Bad Boys II
After a series of excessive explosions at a luxurious mansion in Cuba, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence race downhill in their giant yellow Hummer shooting machine guns and screaming half-clever one-liners at each other as they crash through a line of shack houses (and, presumably, impoverished families).

Déjà Vu
Denzel Washington engages in a thrilling car chase with a man four days in the past on the LA freeway. Or, Denzel Washington engages in a thrilling car chase with no one on the LA freeway.

The Blues Brothers
Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi are chased in a police car by police cars through a Toys ‘R Us and a mall, causing hilarious mass destruction to the tune of I Can't Turn You Loose until they finally crash through the front of JC Penney and continue on their way to break more watches in a pile-up of police cars and other ridiculous car chases.

"Are you insured?" Keanu Reeves asks his hapless passenger before slamming on a car's brakes to have its door ripped off by the speeding bus behind him. After destroying cars and other obstacles on the LA freeway, the city bus defies gravity as it jumps a 50-foot gap in the freeway and lands with only a slight bump, courtesy of its charming pilot, Sandra Bullock.

Die Another Day
James Bond's Aston Martin is equipped with "adaptive camouflage," which magically (and conveniently) allows 007 to turn invisible and escape Korean terrorists.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie outrun several assassins while driving a minivan on the freeway in their underwear and shouting hilarious quips at each other about their sham marriage, quirkily falling in love in the process.

Gone in 60 Seconds
Eleanor – a 1967 Custom Fastback Mustang at the hands of Nicolas Cage – cruises onto the ramp of a tow truck at 100 mph and magically flies over an ambulance, a line of cars, and a bewildered police man to the sounds of an angelic choir.

Live Free Or Die Hard
After John McClane attacks a helicopter with a stream of water from a fire hydrant and survives an action-packed pileup in a tunnel, he destroys the helicopter chasing him through the streets of LA by jumping his car onto a bridge, evacuating it, and then launching it into the air until it crashes into the chopper in a gloriously ridiculous explosion.

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