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Twins, they always need to compete for everything

 article about Twins, they always need to compete for everything
When it comes to identical twins, there are usually two versions of how things can go. They either do everything together, get along well and try to stay as similar as possible. Or they always feel the need to compete against each other and be as different as possible. Of course, there's also an option in between, or in extremely academical language, this and that. A good example here is Jonathan and Drew Scott.

On June 21 a new competition series will be premiering on HGTV featuring both of them. The show is called Brother vs. Brother and their most general goal is to beat the brother and win the ultimate bragging rights. At the same time they are working together in another reality series Property Brothers. So when it comes to these identical twins, at least their on-screen relationship seems to be a balanced one.

In the new show they will both have to compete with their teams for the sake of taking home the grand prize of $50 000. To do that they need to renovate real homes, impress the judges and stay away from the elimination part. At the end of each episode, the losing team, the team that managed to add less value to the home with their renovations, will be facing one of their members voted out.

If you're a fan of home renovation and seeing identical twins competing against each other, be sure to write down the date July 21 to tune in when the series takes off!

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