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Logical Reasons why god MUST exist

 article about god exists proof
I happened to end up on a site that lists literally hundreds of proofs of god's existence. I took the liberty to introduce you some of the ones that make the most sense.

Here we go!

* If evolution is false, then creationism is true, and therefore God exists. Evolution can't be true, since I lack the mental capacity to understand it; moreover, to accept its truth would cause me to be uncomfortable. God exists.

* Isn't that flower beautiful? Only God could have made them so beautiful. God exists.

* My aunt had cancer. She went to the doctor for all those terrible treatments and prayed. Now she doesn't have cancer. It was god's work. God exists.

* If there is no God then we're all going to not exist after we die. I'm afraid of that. Obviously God exists.

* God exists whether you like it or not. Fuck off!

* Billions of people believe in God. They can't all be wrong, can they? God exists.

* Jesus died for your sins. How can you deny god? God exists.

* No sane person could have thought up Christianity. Therefore, it must be true. God exists!

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