There's a number of myths surrounding cats, myths that people have heard over and over again. But which of them are to be taken seriously, and which of them are pretty much urban legends? Some of the myths are the following -

* Cats are kind of aerodynamic, so they always land on their feet.
You probably already figured out that the aerodynamics have nothing to do with it here. But the myth itself is partly true. HOWEVER, there are two main exceptions to it. Very high falls and very low falls. This means that if your cat falls from a ten-storey building, it might not end up well at all (though it sometimes could). And with very low heights the cat doesn't have enough time to right itself. So be aware of it.

* Orange cats are all male
Nope. Garfield could have easily been a female.

* Cats are independent
Compared to dogs, it's probably true. But it does depend a lot on the individual cat. And still, all cats need some companionship. So don't just lock it up in the cellar to take care of your rat problem.

* Cats hate water
Many of them do, but some of them actually enjoy taking a swim every once in a while. Let them make the decision themselves.

* Your cat cannot have fleas, because it's living inside
Not true. And giving your cat garlic won't get rid of fleas either. Instead, you might want to try Advantage® II for Cats.

Bayer's Advantage® II is a bit different from some other such drugs in the sense that it works through contact - no biting for dieing required. And they have just teamed up with Wendy Diamond, America's foremost pet lifestyle expert, to dispel the Top 10 Cat Myths. You can check it out at CatMythBusters.com and/or see the player below.