Are you into culinary miracles or just a fan of good cooking? Well, ten of the world's most celebrated chefs are about to "fight" in hopes to become a member of the Iron Chef culinary society. The battle between the esteemed chefs will take place in the the new eight-episode season of The Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs that is set to premier on Sunday, October 30th at 9pm ET.

If you haven't seen the show before, then it's hosted by Alton Brown and the season that is about to start is the show's fourth season. Music for the show is being written by Craig Marks, who in the end of 2010 also released the soundtrack titled "Iron Chef America & The Next Iron Chef". The show is filled with the best chefs, the experts in the culinary industry. The show does not only test their cooking skills, but also mental toughness and quality of their instincts.

The series is based on Fuji Television's Iron Chef and could be considered a successor to the original series. Each episode presents one fight between chefs. No real fight but cook-fight. Okay, that's not exactly it either, but you get the point. In each episode a new chef competes against one of the resident Iron Chefs.

If you're a fan of culinary masterpieces, want to see how the real chefs get something done, don't forget to tune in October 30 at 9pm ET to watch how Ten Renowned Chefs Battle for Ultimate Culinary Title.

Food Network - Next Iron Chef